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IPL surpasses $10 billion valuation and becomes decacorn

IPL surpasses $10 billion valuation: The Indian Premier League (IPL), whose total valuation has surpassed $10 billion, has evolved into a decacorn. A D and P Advisory report made public on Tuesday states that the league is currently worth $10.9 billion. Notably, it has shown a startling 75% rise since 2020.

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IPL surpasses $10 billion valuation: Key Points

  • IPL’s expansion has been aided by lucrative agreements with industry titans in media.
  • A company valued at more than $10.0 billion is referred to as a decacorn.
  • In less than 15 years since its beginning, the IPL has reached the milestone.
  • Months after India won the first ICC T20 World Cup, the competition’s first edition was contested in 2008.
  • Since then, the IPL has become steadily stronger with well-known athletes from all over the world taking part.

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IPL attains significant Milestone: Report

The D and P Advisory said in a study titled “Beyond 22 Yards” that the IPL attained the significant milestone after selling its media rights for the years 2023 to 2027. The league recorded a three-fourth increase in revenue over the previous cycle when it sold its media rights for $6.2 billion. The rights were divided among numerous broadcasters for the first time.

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IPL: Second Biggest Sports League Worldwide

The IPL, on the other hand, is the second-biggest sports league worldwide in terms of money made from broadcasting fees every game. $12 million is expected to be made from broadcasting each game. In terms of revenue per game, only the National Football League (NFL) earns more than the Indian T20 league ($17 million). Notably, in the upcoming years, the quantity of IPL games will gradually rise.

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