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IQAir: Mumbai overtakes Delhi as most polluted city in India

IQAir: Mumbai overtakes Delhi as most polluted city in India_4.1

Swiss air tracking index IQAir

Mumbai has been ranked as the most-polluted city in India and second most polluted city globally within a week between January 29 and February 8, according to Swiss air tracking index IQAir, a real-time air quality monitor. On January 29, Mumbai was ranked 10th in the rankings for the poorest position. Mumbai then clinched the second spot on February 2 before falling in the following days. Then it again rose to take the second place on February 8. On February 13, Mumbai took over Delhi as the most polluted city in India and was the third most unhealthy city worldwide for air quality worldwide.

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Top 10 most-polluted cities worldwide:

Ranks City
1. Lahore (Pakistan)
2. Mumbai (India)
3. Kabul (Afghanistan)
4. Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
5. Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
6. Accra (Ghana)
7. Krakow (Poland)
8. Doha (Qatar)
9. Astana (Kazakhstan)
10. Santiago (Chile)

What is IQAir?

IQAir, a Swiss air tracking index and a real-time worldwide air quality monitor, collaborates with UNEP and Greenpeace and measures air quality in India using data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The cities are categorised into ‘healthy’, unhealthy’, and ‘hazardous’ as per US air quality index (AQI) standards, which are more stringent than in India.

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