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Kerala to Setup Green Hydrogen Hubs Over Next 2 Years

The Kerala government announced a scheme of Rs 200 crore for developing green hydrogen hubs at Trivandrum and Kochi. Kerala aims to become a 100 percent renewable energy-dependent state by 2040 and a net carbon-neutral state by 2050. The state has a favorable atmosphere for the production of green hydrogen.

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Kerala to Setup Green Hydrogen Hubs Over Next 2 Years – Key Points

  • Green hydrogen which is produced using renewable energy will play an important role in eco-friendly development as hydrogen fuel can be used in long-haul vehicles and ships to reduce carbon emissions to great extent.
  • The Minister also informed that a new Energy Park will be set up to utilize the possibilities of power generation from renewable sources.
  • An amount of Rs 10 crore is earmarked for an industrial park manufacturing EV batteries and allied equipment.
  • An electric vehicle (EV) industrial park will be developed with the support of the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB).
  • A consortium, including TTPL, VSSC, C-DAC, and TrEST, has been formed in the State for electric vehicle-related activities.
  • The EV drive train testing lab set up under the aegis of the TrEST park will be operational by July 2023.

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