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Kerala Woman Sets Guinness Record, Sings In 100+ Languages


Kerala teenager Suchetha Satish achieved a remarkable feat by setting a Guinness World Record during her performance at the ‘Concert for Climate’ in Dubai on November 24, 2023. Singing in an astounding 140 languages, she captivated the audience and earned widespread acclaim for her musical prowess.

The selection of 140 symbolizes the nations participating in the COP 28 summit held in Dubai.

The Record-Breaking Performance

Suchetha Satish, a 16-year-old prodigy, mesmerized the audience at the Indian Consulate Auditorium in Dubai during the Concert for Climate. The event was part of the COP 28 summit, attended by representatives from over 140 nations, emphasizing the global significance of her achievement.

A Musical Journey Across Cultures

Ms. Satish’s repertoire showcased her versatility, as she sang in 29 Indian languages and 91 international languages. The performance included a rendition of the Sanskrit song “Janki Jane” from the Malayalam movie Dhwani, along with a Hindi composition by her mother, Sumitha Ayilliath, and renowned Bollywood composer Monty Sharma. Her melodic voice resonated with the diverse languages, creating a harmonious celebration of cultural diversity.

Breaking Previous Records

This is not the first time Suchetha Satish has left her mark in the musical world. Earlier, on August 19, she attempted the feat during ‘Music Beyond Borders‘ in Dubai, breaking the record set by another Indian who sang in 76 languages in 2008. Suchetha’s dedication to pushing boundaries in music has gained her recognition on an international scale.

Acknowledgment from Guinness World Records

The official Guinness World Records page confirmed Ms. Satish’s achievement, recognizing her efforts in raising awareness about climate change through the universal language of music. Her performance added a unique and impactful dimension to the COP 28 summit, aligning with the theme of addressing climate issues on a global platform.

Heartfelt Announcement on Instagram

Taking to her Instagram handle, Ms. Satish shared her joy and gratitude with her followers. In her caption, she expressed, “Happy to share the news that by God’s grace, I have set a new Guinness World Record by singing in 140 languages in 9 hours, during my concert for climate. Thank you all for your wishes and support.” The post garnered numerous comments from admirers and well-wishers.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. In which city did Suchetha Satish set the Guinness World Record for singing in 140 languages?
A) Mumbai
B) Dubai
C) New York

2. How many languages did Suchetha Satish sing in during her Concert for Climate on November 24, 2023?
A) 100
B) 120
C) 140

3. What is the title of the concert where Suchetha Satish achieved the Guinness World Record?
A) Music Beyond Borders
B) Climate Awareness Gala
C) Concert for Climate

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.


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