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Kerala: A Brief History and Interesting Facts about Kerala

Kerala: About

Kerala is a state situated on the Malabar coast of India. The state was formed on 1st November 1956 following the passage of the state Reorganization Act by combining Malayalam-speaking regions of the erstwhile regions of Cochin, Malabar, South Canara, and Travancore. Kerala is the 21st largest state by area in India. It shares its border with Karnataka, Lakshadweep Sea, and Tamil Nadu. The economy of Kerala is ranked 8 in India with ₹ 8.5 trillion in GSDP. Kerala has the lowest positive population growth rate in India. The coastlines of Kerala extend for 595 km and 1.1 million people depend on the fishery industry which contributes to the state’s economy.

Kerala: History during British Era and Colonial Period

  • In 1734, East India Company ceded the island of Dharmadom near Kannur and Thalassery. Here, the British initiated a factory and English settlements following the cession.
  • In 1761, the British captured Mahe, and the settlements were handed over to the ruler of Kadathanadu. The British restored Mahe to the French as a part of the 1763 Treaty.
  • In 1784, the British agreed to restore to the French their settlements in India, and Mahe was handed over to the French in 1785.
  • In 1757, the Palakkad Raja sought the help of the Hyder Ali of Mysore to resist the invasion of Zamorin of Kozhikode. In 1766, Hyder Ali defeated Zamorin Kozhikode.
  • The smaller provinces and princely states were unified under the ruler of Mysore and later his successor Tipu Sultan, who launches campaigns against the British East India Company, which resulted in four Anglo-Mysore wars.
  • By the end of the 18th century, Kerala fell under the control of the British, but initially British had to suffer local resistance.
  • After the Independence, India was partitioned into India, Pakistan, Travancore, and Kochi.
  • In November 1956, the taluk of Kasargod in the South Canara district of Madras, the Malabar district of Madras, and Travancore Cochin, without four southern taluks and Senogottai taluk merged to form the state of Kerala under the State Reorganisation Act.
  • A communist-led Government under the E. M.S Namboodiripad resulted from the list of elections for the new Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957.

Kerala: Things you need to know

  • The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram.
  • The Chief Minister of Kerala is Pinarayi Vijayan and the Governor is Arif Mohammad Khan.
  • The official language of Kerala is Malayalam.
  • The total area covered by Kerala is 38,860 Km2.
  • The state animal of Kerala is the Indian elephant; the state flower is the Golden tree; the state fruit is Jackfruit and the state tree is the coconut tree.

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