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KSRTC Unveils ‘Namma Cargo’ Logistics In Karnataka


The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) marked a significant milestone in its journey by venturing into the logistics business. Minister for Transport Ramalinga Reddy inaugurated the initiative under the brand name “Namma Cargo,” introducing cargo services on KSRTC route buses. The launch event saw the deployment of 20 cargo trucks to kickstart the ‘Namma Cargo’ services in various districts across the state.

Memorandum of Understanding with KMS Coach Builders Private Limited

KSRTC has strategically partnered with KMS Coach Builders Private Limited, securing cargo trucks on a rental basis for an initial period of two months. This collaboration reflects the corporation’s commitment to efficiently utilizing resources for the successful implementation of the logistics service.

Agreement with S.M. Kannappa Automobiles Private Limited

In another significant move, KSRTC has entered into an agreement with S.M. Kannappa Automobiles Private Limited, further diversifying its fleet resources for cargo transportation. This partnership is slated to last for a month, showcasing KSRTC’s agility in establishing collaborative ties to enhance its logistics capabilities.

Rapid Induction of Trucks

Minister Reddy announced ambitious plans for the ‘Namma Cargo’ services, with a goal to induct 100 trucks within the first month of operation. This reflects the commitment of KSRTC to swiftly expand its logistics fleet and cater to the growing demand for cargo transportation services.

Yearly Target

Looking ahead, KSRTC aims to escalate the number of cargo trucks to 500 within a year. This long-term vision underscores the corporation’s dedication to establishing itself as a key player in the logistics sector, providing reliable and efficient services across the state.

Depot at Basaveshwara Bus Station, Peenya

To streamline the operation and maintenance of the cargo trucks, KSRTC has designated the Basaveshwara bus station at Peenya in Bengaluru city as the primary depot. This strategic location is expected to facilitate seamless logistics operations and contribute to the overall success of the ‘Namma Cargo’ services.

GPS-Enabled Trucks

The ‘Namma Cargo’ trucks are equipped with GPS technology, ensuring secure and efficient goods transportation. This advanced tracking facility not only enhances the safety of transported goods but also enables real-time monitoring, contributing to the overall reliability of KSRTC’s cargo services.


  • KSRTC Enters Logistics: KSRTC launches “Namma Cargo” for parcel transportation on route buses, marking its entry into the logistics business.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborates with KMS Coach Builders and S.M. Kannappa Automobiles for cargo trucks on a rental basis, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Aggressive Expansion: Plans to induct 100 cargo trucks in the first month, targeting a fleet of 500 within a year, showcasing a rapid and ambitious growth strategy.
  • Operational Hub at Peenya: Basaveshwara bus station at Peenya in Bengaluru chosen as the main depot, streamlining maintenance and operations for ‘Namma Cargo’ trucks.
  • Technology-Driven Services: ‘Namma Cargo’ trucks feature GPS for secure and reliable goods transportation, emphasizing trusted manpower and advanced tracking for on-time deliveries statewide.

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