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Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List

Important Lakes in India

Lakes in India: The lake is a huge water body that is encircled by land, and it is much bigger than a pond. There are many important lakes in India located in several states of India. Some lakes are very large and can be confused with rivers however, there is a difference between the flow of lakes and rivers.

There are several important lakes in India including Pulicat lake and Kolleru Lake in Andhra Pradesh. Vembanad Lake in Kerala is the largest lake in India with a depth of 4.2 meters and 1165 square Kilometers.

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Lakes in India

Lakes in India have a significant role as they are used by humans to fulfill their daily needs. The lakes in India are freshwater lakes, and artificial lakes, some are man-made lakes, and some are saltwater lakes. There are several lakes found in India and the largest lake out of those is the Vembanad in Kerela.

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List of Important Lakes in India

Lakes in India State Type of Lake
Pulicat Andhra Pradesh Brackish Water
Korlleru Lake Andhra Pradesh Freshwater
Nagarjuna Sagar Andhra Pradesh Freshwater
Haflong Lake Assam Freshwater
Deepor Beel Assam Freshwater
Son Beel Assam Freshwater
Chandubi Assam Oxbow
Kanwar Bihar Oxbow
Hamirsar Gujarat Artificial
Kankaria Gujarat Artificial
Narayan Sarovar Gujarat Artificial Freshwater
Thol Lake Gujarat Lentic Lake
Vastrapur Gujarat Freshwater
Badkhal Haryana Freshwater
Blue Bird Lake Haryana Freshwater
Brahma Sarovar Haryana Freshwater
Damdama Lake Haryana Freshwater
Karna Haryana Freshwater
Tilyar Haryana Freshwater
Chandra Taal Himachal Pradesh
Suraj Taal Himachal Pradesh Freshwater
Maharana Pratap Sagar Himachal Pradesh Freshwater
Prashar Lake Himachal Pradesh Holomitic
Dal Lake Jammu Kashmir
Wular Lake Jammu Kashmir
Agara Karnataka Freshwater
Ulsoor Karnataka Stale Water
Kukarahalli Karnataka Freshwater
Honnamana Karnataka Freshwater
Pampa Sarovar Karnataka Freshwater
Ashtamudi Kayal Kerala Brackish Water
Kuttanad Kerala Brackish Water
Vembanad Kerala Brackish Water
Sasthamkotta Kerala Freshwater
Bhojtal Madhya Pradesh Freshwater
Salim Ali Maharashtra Freshwater
Shivsagar Maharashtra Freshwater
Lonar Maharashtra Crater Lake
Loktak Manipur Lenticular Freshwater
Umiam Meghalaya Freshwater
Tam Dil Mizoram Freshwater
Chilika Lake Odisha Brackish Water
Harike Punjab Freshwater
Kanijli Punjab Freshwater
Sambhar Lake Rajasthan Saltwater
Rajsamand Rajasthan Freshwater
Tsomgo Sikkim Freshwater
Khecheoplari Sikkim Freshwater
Ooty Lake Tamil Nadu Freshwater
Chembarambakkam Tamil Nadu Artificial Lake
Hussain Sagar Telangana Artificial Lake
Badrakali Lake Telangana Freshwater
Govind Bhallabh Pant Sagar Uttar Pradesh Man-Made Lake
Belasagar Uttar Pradesh Freshwater
Bhimtal Uttarakhand Freshwater
Kaliveli Tamil Nadu

List of Important Lakes in Indian Union Territories

Lakes in UTs State/UT Type of Lake
Chandigarh Sukhna Lake Reservoir


Tso Moriri Brackish
Tso Kar Fluctuating Salt Lake
Pangong Tso
Jammu & Kashmir Dal Lake Warm Monomitic
Nageen Lake Eutrophic Lake
Pangong Tso Endorheic Lake
Wular Lake Tectonic Lake
Tso Moriri Saltwater
West Bengal East Calcutta Wetlands Brackish Water
Puducherry Bahour Lake
Ousteri lake Man-made Lake
Velrampet Lake
Nallambal Lake Artificial

Largest Lakes in India

The largest lake in India is the Vembanad Lake which is situated in Kerela. Its area is  2033 sq km. The largest lakes of India are listed below along with the area they cover.

Largest Lakes in India State Area
Vembanad Lake Kerela 2033 sq km
Chilika Lake Odisha 1165 sq km
Shivaji Sagar Lake Maharashtra 891.7 sq km
Indira Sagar Lake Madhya Pradesh 700 sq km
Panong Lake Ladakh 627 sq km
Pulicat Lake Andhra Pradesh 450 sq km
Sardar Sarovar Lake Gujarat 375 sq km
Nagarjuna Sagar Lake Telangana 287 sq km
Loktak Lake Manipur 285 sq km
Wular Lake Jammu and Kashmir 260 sq km

Types of Lakes in India

There are several water bodies in India including lakes, rivers, and ponds. These water bodies are of huge significance in India. The Lakes in India are of different types as they are formed out of different weather conditions and some are man-made. The types of lakes found in India are given below:

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_4.1
Vembanad Lake in Kerela

Freshwater lakes:

These have unsalted water that is found in low-lying areas and these are fed from rivers, streams, and runoffs. The largest freshwater lake in India is Wular Lake.

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_5.1
Wular Lake in Jammu and Kashmir

Saltwater Lake:

Saltwater lakes have a high concentration of salts. Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan is an example of Saltwater Lake.

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_6.1
Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan

Artificial Lake:

These artificial lakes are man-made lake that is used to store water for public use. For example, Chembarambakkam in Tamil Nadu is an artificial lake.

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_7.1
Chembarambakkam Lake in Tamil Nadu

Oxbow Lakes:

The oxbow lakes are formed when a wide meander of a river is cut off and then a lake is formed when the river finds a different shorter course. Chandubi in Assam is an example of Oxbow lake.

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_8.1
Chandubi Lake in Assam

Crater Lakes:

The crater lakes are formed when there is a collapse or explosive activity of volcanic eruptions. An example of a Crater lake is Lonar Lake in Maharashtra.

Largest Lakes in India, Top 10 Longest Lakes List_9.1
Lonar Lake in Maharashtra
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