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Model Code of Conduct (MCC) Guidelines for Lok Sabha Elections 2024

With the announcement of the election schedule by the Election Commission of India (ECI), the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) has been enforced to ensure a fair electoral process in the world’s largest democracy.

Here are the specific guidelines to be followed during this period

1. Conduct at Places of Worship

  • Campaigning at places of worship (e.g., mosques, churches, temples) is strictly prohibited.
  • No appeals to caste or communal sentiments for securing votes.

2. Criticism and Personal Attacks

  • Criticism of other parties should be limited to policies, programs, and past records.
  • Avoid personal attacks or criticism unrelated to public activities.
  • Unverified allegations or distortions should be avoided.

3. Prohibition of Corrupt Practices

  • Parties and candidates must avoid all forms of corrupt practices such as bribing voters, intimidation, impersonation, and canvassing near polling stations.
  • Distribution of liquor on polling day or 48 hours before is strictly prohibited.

4. Respect for Private Property

  • Parties cannot use private property for campaign materials without permission.

5. Peaceful Political Activities

  • Ensuring peaceful political meetings and processions without obstructing those organized by other parties.
  • No removal of posters issued by other parties.

6. Regulation of Rallies

  • Procession routes and timings must be adhered to without deviation.
  • Authorities must be informed to ensure proper regulation.

7. Traffic Management

  • Organizers must ensure minimal disruption to road traffic during processions.
  • Long processions should be organized in manageable segments.

8. Prohibition of Effigy Burning

  • Carrying and burning effigies representing members of other political parties or leaders is not allowed.

9. Regulation of Candidate Camps

  • Avoiding large gatherings and serving food at candidate camps near booths.
  • Ruling parties cannot monopolize government facilities or accommodations for campaign purposes.

10. Election Manifesto and Freebies

  • While election manifestos are not considered corrupt practices, the distribution of freebies can influence voters and should be carefully considered.

These guidelines aim to maintain the integrity of the electoral process and ensure a level playing field for all participants.

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