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Moody’s Upgrades India’s GDP Growth Forecast to 6.8% for 2024

Moody’s, the global credit rating agency, has raised its GDP forecast for India in 2024 to 6.8%, reflecting a positive economic outlook. This revision is based on India’s position as the fastest-growing economy among G20 nations, supported by robust growth prospects and policy continuity.

Factors Driving India’s Economic Growth

1. Strong Growth Trajectory:

  • India’s consistent growth trajectory contributes significantly to its economic prospects.

2. Stable Inflation:

  • The country’s stable inflation rate further supports its economic stability and growth potential.

3. Policy Continuity:

  • Moody’s expects policymakers to maintain continuity in their economic policies, providing a conducive environment for sustained growth.

Projections for 2025

1. Continued Momentum:

  • Moody’s projects India’s GDP growth momentum to persist into 2025, with a forecasted growth rate of 6.4%.

Role of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

1. Policy Stability:

  • The agency anticipates the RBI to maintain its policy rate, offering additional support for economic stability and growth momentum.

Government’s Economic Vision

1. Sustainable Growth:

  • The government aims to foster sustainable economic growth and address critical infrastructure gaps across sectors, aligning with its long-term vision.

Investor Confidence and International Optimism

1. Resilience Amid Uncertainties:

  • Moody’s upward revision underscores growing investor confidence and international optimism about India’s ability to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities for sustained growth.


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