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Nagaland Celebrates its 61st Statehood Day

Nagaland, a vibrant state in the northeastern region of India, is jubilantly celebrating its 61st Statehood Day on December 1, 2023. This marks a significant milestone in the historical journey of the Nagas, who became the 16th state of the Union of India on December 1, 1963. The state-level function, to be held at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat Kohima, promises a day filled with cultural richness, reflections on the past and a focus on the future.

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s Address

The day’s festivities will commence with Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio taking the general salute and delivering an address to the people of Nagaland. In this address, he is expected to not only celebrate the achievements and opportunities since statehood but also unveil key initiatives for the future. Among these initiatives are the launch of the Nagaland School Safety Policy Digital Training Platform and the Nagaland Disaster Risk Reduction Road Map. These platforms are crucial steps toward ensuring the safety and resilience of the state.

Inauguration of “Nagaland at 60” Photo Exhibition

A notable feature of the celebration is the inauguration of a photo exhibition titled “Nagaland at 60,” organized by the Department of Information & Public Relations. This exhibition will provide a visual journey through Nagaland’s rich history, capturing the essence of its culture, diversity and progress over the past six decades.

Special Performances and Cultural Presentation

Adding to the cultural vibrancy of the day, a special performance by the 15th NAP (IR) Mahila Band, finalists of India’s Got Talent 2023, is anticipated. The cultural presentation will showcase the artistic and traditional heritage of Nagaland, reflecting the unity that transcends tribes and languages.

Governor’s Greetings and Reflections

Nagaland Governor La Ganesan has extended warm greetings to the people on this auspicious occasion. In his message, he emphasized the significance of the 61st Statehood Day, recognizing it as a moment that commemorates the historical journey of the Nagas and their collective dreams for a vibrant state. The Governor highlighted the vision and contributions of pioneers and leaders who shaped Nagaland into a diverse and resilient state.

Governor Ganesan stressed the responsibility of every citizen in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous Nagaland. He acknowledged the perseverance and undying faith that form that cornerstone of Nagaland’s identity. The governor applauded the inherent sense of community among the Nagas, transcending tribes and languages, presenting itself as an indomitable force capable of overcoming adversities and challenges.

Challenges and Aspirations

Addressing challenging such as unemployment, the quest for enduring peace and equitable growth, Governor Ganesan emphasized that progress must touch every corner of Nagaland. He called upon citizens to contribute actively towards shaping Nagaland as a state that embodies dreams and aspirations.

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s Reflection

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, in social media post, extended greetings on the occasion, inviting reflection on the journey made so far. He highlighted the resilience and collective efforts that have shaped Nagaland’s identity. Mr. Rio paid homage to the past leaders who paved the way for the state’s formation with special constitutional guarantees, acknowledging their crucial role in shaping the destiny of Nagaland.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the significance of December 1, 2023, for Nagaland?

Sol. It marks Nagaland’s 61st Statehood Day celebration.

Q2. What key initiatives will Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio unveil during the Statehood Day address?

Sol. The launch of the Nagaland School Safety Policy Digital Training Platform and the Nagaland Disaster Risk Reduction Road Map.

Q3. What is the focus of the “Nagaland at 60”photo exhibition?

Sol. Showcasing Nagaland’s rich history, culture, diversity and progress over the past six decades.

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