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Namami Gange Mission Guardians of the Ganga: Task Force Keeps a Watchful Eye on the River

The Namami Gange mission, launched in 2014 by the Government of India, is a significant initiative aimed at cleaning and restoring the Ganga River and its ecosystem. With over 4,000 dedicated volunteers, known as the Guardians of the Ganga, this mission ensures the preservation of the river’s flora and fauna. In collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India, the Namami Gange initiative also provides livelihood training to these volunteers, empowering them to safeguard the river’s ecological balance.

Ministry, Launch Year, and Implementing Body

The Namami Gange mission falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the government ministry responsible for water resources and river development. It was launched in the year 2014 with the vision of rejuvenating the holy Ganga River, a lifeline for millions of people in India.

Namami Gange Mission
Namami Gange Mission

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The primary objectives of the Namami Gange mission are multi-fold. Firstly, it aims to clean the Ganga River and rid it of pollutants and waste that have accumulated over the years. Secondly, the mission focuses on the conservation and rejuvenation of the river’s ecosystem, including its flora and fauna. Additionally, the initiative seeks to ensure the sustainable development of the villages situated along the banks of the river.


The ultimate goal of the Namami Gange mission is to restore the Ganga River to its pristine state, ensuring its ecological health and providing a sustainable environment for both wildlife and human communities. By achieving this goal, the mission aims to fulfill the spiritual, cultural, and socioeconomic aspirations of the people residing in the Ganga basin.


The vision of the Namami Gange mission is to transform the Ganga River into a clean, pollution-free, and ecologically vibrant river system. It envisions a future where the Ganga becomes a symbol of national pride, drawing admiration from around the world for its ecological richness and the well-being it brings to the communities dependent on its waters.

Benefits and Impact

The Namami Gange mission has had significant benefits and impacts on various fronts. Firstly, it has contributed to the improved health of the Ganga River by reducing pollution levels and enhancing water quality. This has positively impacted the flora and fauna that depend on the river for their survival. Additionally, the mission has generated awareness among the local communities about the importance of preserving the river and adopting sustainable practices.

The involvement of over 4,000 volunteers, known as the Guardians of the Ganga, has been instrumental in keeping a watchful eye on littering and poaching activities along the river. Their efforts have helped in preserving the river’s biodiversity and ensuring the well-being of its ecosystems.

Funding Objectives

The Namami Gange mission has set specific funding objectives to support its endeavors. These objectives include securing financial resources for cleaning the Ganga River, implementing pollution control measures, and undertaking projects for the conservation of the river’s ecosystem. Additionally, the mission aims to allocate funds for the development and implementation of livelihood training programs to empower the Guardians of the Ganga volunteers.

Funding Allocation

The Central government has made a substantial investment of $5 billion(30,000 Cr) in the Namami Gange mission, reflecting its commitment to the restoration and preservation of the Ganga River. This funding is allocated to various aspects of the mission, including pollution control measures, cleaning projects, conservation initiatives, and livelihood training programs.

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