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Nation observed Indian Navy Day on 4th December

Nation observed Indian Navy Day on 4th December_4.1

Indian Navy Day 2022:

Navy Day in India is observed annually on December 4 to recognise the contributions and accomplishments of Indian Naval forces. Indian Navy Day is observed to commemorate the attack and to pay tribute to all Navy personnel who sacrificed their lives while serving the country. The Indian Navy is a three-dimensional force that protects our country’s interests above, on, and beneath the ocean’s surface. Its main goal is to improve its position in the Indian Ocean Zone. Every year, various events are held on this day.

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How is Indian Navy Day 2022 Celebrated?

  • This year, for the first time, Navy Day Celebrations are being conducted outside Delhi. The Indian Navy is all set to demonstrate India’s combat prowess and capability through an ‘Operational Demonstration’ at Visakhapatnam on Sunday.
  • The Eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam hosts numerous activities and events. The event begins with a wreath-laying ceremony at the war memorial, and it is followed by a display of the naval submarines, ships, aircraft, and other forces at work.
  • An open sea swimming competition, Indian Navy Inter School Quiz Competitions, veteran mariners lunches, concerts by the Naval Symphonic Orchestra, tattoo ceremonies, marathons, and other events are organised during the week of Indian Navy Day.

Indian Navy Day 2022: Significance

Navy day celebration in India is done with great enthusiasm as far as the beginning of this program is concerned, let us tell you that Navy day celebration starts with offering floral tributes at the war memorial located in RK beach and many more  Lasts for days.

Navy day celebration is done in honor of the brave soldiers who were martyred in the war and for the operational performance of submarines, ships and aircraft developed in our country. Let us explain to you here that under the Navy day celebration, the Indian Navy estimates its capabilities, resources and its strength.

Indian Navy Day: History

  • During the India-Pakistan war in 1971, Pakistan launched an attack on Indian airbases on the evening of December 3. In response to their attack, India dispatched three missile boats, Nirghat, Veer, and Nipat, at top speed towards Karachi.
  • The Operation Trident launch against Pakistan in 1971’s Indo-Pakistan War is also remembered on this day. During Operation Trident, the Indian Navy played a critical role and sank 4 Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar. The Indian Navy sank four Pakistani ships. Those who died during the Indo-Pakistan War are also remembered on this day.

Some Interesting facts about the Indian Navy:

  • The Indian Navy is the marine branch of the Indian Armed Forces and is led by the President of India as Commander-in-Chief.
  • The Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle of the 17th century is considered as “Father of the Indian Navy”.’
  • The role of the Indian Navy is to secure the marine edges of the country and update the worldwide relations of India through seaport visits, joint exercises, altruistic missions, upheaval help, etc. Its objective is also to improve the circumstance in the Indian Ocean Zone.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Chief of Naval Staff: Admiral R Hari Kumar;
  • Indian Navy Founded: 26 January 1950;
  • Indian Navy headquarters: New Delhi.

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