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Neeraj Chopra Named Eveready’s New Brand Ambassador

Eveready Industries India (EIIL), a leading battery brand, has announced a partnership with Neeraj Chopra, the reigning Olympic gold medalist and World no. 1 in men’s javelin throw, as its new brand ambassador.

Introducing the Ultima Alkaline Battery Series

Through this collaboration, Eveready aims to strengthen its commitment to excellence and innovation by launching the new Ultima Alkaline battery series. The brand hopes to enhance its connection with the youth by offering long-lasting and value-for-money solutions for high-drain devices used by the new-age generation in India.

Embodying Performance, Power, and Endurance

Neeraj Chopra’s remarkable journey to success has inspired millions worldwide, perfectly embodying the essence of the new and improved Ultima Alkaline batteries, which offer 400% more power for longer-running toys and gadgets. Both Neeraj and Ultima epitomize values of performance, power, endurance, and reliability, setting new benchmarks for excellence in their respective industries.

A Perfect Fit for Eveready

Chopra emerges as the perfect fit for Eveready, as his resolute determination and unparalleled dedication to his craft align seamlessly with the company’s longstanding reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. Neeraj Chopra symbolizes a shared pursuit of continuous improvement, innovation, more power, and dedication towards excellence, bridging the worlds of sports and the spirit of the youth.

Turbolock Technology for Enhanced Performance

Innovatively designed with Turbolock Technology, Eveready’s Ultima Alkaline battery series embodies the company’s dedication to solving emerging consumer needs with smarter appeal and 400% long-lasting performance. Neeraj Chopra’s extraordinary journey mirrors the brand’s evolution and expansion to enhance the quality of life by offering cutting-edge, portable energy and lighting solutions to people.

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