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NITI Aayog unveils TCRM Matrix Framework to Revolutionize Technology Assessment and drive Innovation in India

New Delhi: In a groundbreaking move, NITI Aayog, India’s premier policy think tank, introduced the Techno-Commercial Readiness and Market Maturity Matrix (TCRM Matrix) framework. Aimed at transforming technology assessment, the framework seeks to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship across the country. The release of the TCRM Matrix under the NITI Working Paper series marks a significant milestone, offering valuable insights and practical intelligence to stakeholders involved in the technology development cycle.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Technology Assessment

Under the NITI Working Paper series, the TCRM Matrix framework builds upon the core principles of existing technology assessment frameworks, such as Technology Readiness Level (TRL), Commercialization Readiness Level (CRL), and Market Readiness Level (MRL) scales. By integrating these principles, the TCRM Matrix offers an integrated assessment model, empowering stakeholders with in-depth insights at every stage of technology development.

Driving Change in the Innovation Ecosystem

The working paper sheds light on the historical evolution of technology assessment frameworks and provides clear guidelines for integrating the TCRM Matrix within the broader innovation ecosystem. Policymakers, strategists, academicians, and investors can leverage this framework’s full potential to drive meaningful change and enhance technology commercialization prospects.

A Significant Milestone for India’s Innovation Landscape

V.K. Saraswat, Member (Science & Technology), NITI Aayog, hailed the introduction of the TCRM Matrix as a significant milestone for India’s innovation and entrepreneurship landscape. The robust assessment tool aims to empower stakeholders across the nation to make informed decisions, accelerate technology commercialization, and propel India towards becoming a global leader in innovation.

Unlocking India’s Innovation Potential

The adoption of the TCRM Matrix framework requires a comprehensive analysis and contextualization within the unique national and sectoral innovation landscapes. By utilizing this framework, India can unlock its innovation potential and establish itself as a driving force in the global technology arena.

The TCRM Matrix framework paves the way for a new era of technology assessment in India, offering an integrated approach that promises to shape the country’s technological landscape for years to come. With the support of this framework, India is poised to stride confidently towards a brighter and more innovative future.

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