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Odisha Hosts Fourth National Chilika Birds Festival

The National Chilika Birds Festival, a hallmark event in Odisha’s calendar, commenced with grandeur on January 26. Hosted against the breathtaking backdrop of Chilika Lake, this festival brings together birders and enthusiasts from across India to celebrate the State of India’s Birds.

Unveiling the Festivities

The festival’s inauguration, graced by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, marked the beginning of a three-day extravaganza. A captivating ‘Photo Exhibition’ showcased the vibrant avian life of Chilika, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

Exploring Mangalajodi and Nalabana

Participants embarked on birding excursions to Mangalajodi and Nalabana, sanctuaries nestled within Chilika’s pristine environs. Mangalajodi, dubbed the “Birds Paradise of Asia,” offered a glimpse into the diverse avian species that call this region home.

Conservation Efforts and Achievements

State Tourism Minister Aswini Kumar Patra highlighted Odisha’s pioneering efforts in bird conservation. The latest census, unveiled during the festival, underscored the region’s significance in preserving India’s avian heritage.

Community-led Conservation in Mangalajodi

The festival also showcased Mangalajodi’s exemplary model of community-led conservation. From habitat restoration to extensive census activities, collaborative efforts have established Mangalajodi as a beacon of sustainable wildlife tourism.

Vision for Sustainable Tourism

Director Nandankanan & Chief Executive Chilika Development Authority Dr. Manoj Nair reiterated the commitment to balancing conservation with tourism development. Chilika’s ecological significance underscores the need for sustainable practices to safeguard its biodiversity.

Promoting Awareness and Appreciation

The unveiling of the ‘State of India’s Birds’ poster and video, coupled with insightful discussions, enriched participants’ understanding of India’s avian diversity. These initiatives underscored the festival’s mission to foster awareness and appreciation for Odisha’s rich natural heritage.

Odisha’s Commitment to Conservation and Ecotourism

As the curtains draw on another successful edition of the National Chilika Birds Festival, Odisha reaffirms its commitment to conservation and ecotourism. By celebrating the State of India’s Birds amidst the tranquil shores of Chilika Lake, the festival reinforces Odisha’s status as a premier destination for birding enthusiasts worldwide.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1 Who inaugurated the Fourth National Chilika Birds Festival in Odisha?

2. Which sanctuary is renowned as the “Birds Paradise of Asia”?

3. What does the festival aim to promote among participants?

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