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P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System: A Game Changer for India’s Armed Forces

India’s defense capabilities receive a significant boost with the development of the P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System, an indigenous marvel designed to enhance the paradropping capabilities of the country’s Armed Forces. This innovative system, entirely developed within India, promises to revolutionize the way military stores are paradropped on the battlefield.

Details of P-7 Heavy Drop Parachute System

  • It has developed the P7 Heavy Drop System which is capable of para-dropping military stores up to 7-ton weight class from IL 76 aircraft.
  • The system has been manufactured with 100 percent indigenous Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Materials.
  • Engineering textiles for Parachutes have been developed with the latest combination of Fluorocarbon and Silicon treatment to provide water/oil repellency and improved abrasion resistance.
  • This system is fully indigenous and made under the Make in India program.
  • The system would be a force multiplier for armed forces while enabling the rapid delivery of combat stores in far-flung inaccessible areas.
  • The parachute guarantees the secure delivery of heavy cargo, even under challenging conditions.
  • With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 8,500 kg and a permitted payload limit of 7,000 kg, the system operates at drop speeds ranging from 260 to 400 kph, showcasing its adaptability to different scenarios.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 

  • DRDO Date founded: 1958;
  • DRDO Agency executive: : Sameer V. Kamat, Chairman, DRDO;
  • DRDO Headquarters: DRDO Bhavan, New Delhi.

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