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Udhampur Railway Station renamed as Martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan Railway Station

After an order was approved by the Jammu and Kashmir administration regarding the renaming of Udhampur railway station, the Northern Railway has notified the change in the name to ‘Martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan Railway Station’, in honour of the Army braveheart. It is notified for the information of the general public that with immediate effect, the name of UDHAMPUR (UHP) Railway Station in Firozpur Division of Northern Railway has been changed to ” Martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan” (MCTM) Railway Station,”.

Who was Captain Tushar Mahajan?

Early Life and Background:

Captain Tushar Mahajan’s journey begins with his birth on May 25, 1987, in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir. This section explores his upbringing, family, and the values that shaped his character.

Military Service and 9 Para Special Forces:

A look into Captain Tushar Mahajan’s remarkable military career, with a particular focus on his role in the 9 Para Special Forces unit, renowned as the “9 Parachute Commando.” His training, dedication, and commitment to serving the nation come to the forefront.

The Pampore Operation:

This section delves into the pivotal moment in Captain Tushar Mahajan’s career, the counter-terrorism operation in Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir, in February 2016. It narrates the circumstances of the operation, his exceptional bravery, and leadership skills that came to the fore as he faced down terrorists holed up in a government building.

Sacrifice and Posthumous Honors:

Captain Tushar Mahajan’s ultimate sacrifice during the Pampore operation highlights the price of heroism. This part of the article discusses the awards and honors bestowed upon him posthumously, with a special emphasis on the Shaurya Chakra, one of India’s highest peacetime gallantry awards.

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