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PM Modi Inaugurates World Dairy Summit 2022 in Greater Noida

World Dairy Summit 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the International Dairy Federation’s World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS) 2022 at the India Expo Center and Mart in Greater Noida, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said in a statement. Prime Minister Modi also visited the local exhibition. At the rally, the prime minister said the dairy sector’s potential would not only boost the rural economy, but would also be an important source of livelihood for millions of people around the world.

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World Dairy Summit 2022: Key Points

  • The Indian dairy industry is unique in that it is based on a cooperative model that empowers small and marginalized dairy farmers, especially women.
  • The government has taken some steps to improve the dairy industry and as a result milk production has increased by more than 44% of his. in the last eight years.
    The success story of India’s dairy industry, which accounts for approximately 23% of the world’s milk, produces approximately 210 million tonnes annually and empowers over 8 million dairy farmers, will be showcased at IDF WDS 2022.
  • The four-day IDF WDS 2022 will be held from September 12th to 16th. About 1,500 participants from 50 countries are expected to attend IDF WDS 2022, according to the PMO.
  • The last summit in India was in 1974.

World Dairy Summit 2022: International Dairy Agreement (IDA)

The International Dairy Agreement (IDA) changed the International Dairy Arrangement, which were set up in 1980. Its primary feature become to extend and liberalize global exchange in dairy products thru worldwide cooperation. The settlement terminated in 1997. An Arrangement regarding sure Dairy Products (Geneva, 12 January 1970), a treaty entered into through some of nations, become set up to start with to set a minimal charge of skimmed milk powder to $20 according to 100 kilograms. The purpose become to extend the association to different dairy products. It additionally set up a control committee inside the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade framework to supervise the association.

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