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Droupadi Murmu To Confer President’s Colour Award To AFMC On Dec 1


On December 1, President Droupadi Murmu is set to confer the prestigious President’s Colour to the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in a grand ceremony, marking its platinum jubilee year. This event holds significant importance, considering AFMC’s reputation as a premier establishment within the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and its standing as one of the leading medical colleges in the country.

AFMC: A Pillar of Excellence in Medical Education

  • The AFMC stands as a beacon of medical education within the AFMS and is recognized globally for its ethos and unwavering commitment to the highest standards of medical training.
  • The institution has played a pivotal role in shaping medical professionals for the Armed Forces, contributing to the healthcare backbone of the nation.

Commissioning Excellence: Bridging Medical Education and Military Service

  • One distinguishing feature of AFMC is its role in commissioning medical cadets into the Army, Navy, and the Air Force.
  • Graduates from this esteemed institution not only receive top-notch medical education but also take up crucial roles in the defense forces, further strengthening the intersection of medical expertise and military service.

Highlighting Lady Medical Officers: Leading the Parade

  • The December 1 ceremony is set to be a memorable affair with lady medical officers taking the lead in a parade comprising four contingents of Armed Forces Medical Services personnel.
  • This inclusion signifies the progressive and inclusive approach of AFMC, recognizing and highlighting the contribution of women in the military medical services.

Commemorative Elements: A Symbolic Release

  • The ceremony will witness the release of a special cover, stamp, and commemorative coin by President Droupadi Murmu.
  • These symbolic elements add to the historical significance of the occasion, providing tangible artifacts to commemorate the platinum jubilee celebration of AFMC.

A Gathering of Dignitaries: Union and State Representatives

  • The ceremony is expected to draw the presence of senior dignitaries and officials from both the Union and state governments, along with representatives from the Armed Forces.
  • This collective gathering underscores the national importance of AFMC and its role in shaping not only military healthcare but also contributing to the larger medical landscape of the country.

Capt Devashish Sharma Kirti Chakra Parade Ground: The Venue of Prestige

  • The event will unfold at the Capt Devashish Sharma Kirti Chakra Parade Ground at AFMC, providing a fitting backdrop for the conferment of the President’s Colour.
  • This ground, synonymous with military valor, adds an extra layer of prestige to an already momentous occasion.

President’s Colour: The Highest Military Honor

  • The President’s Colour, also known as ‘Rashtrapati ka Nishaan,’ holds the distinction of being the highest honor that can be bestowed upon any military unit.
  • Its presentation to AFMC is a testament to the institution’s exceptional contributions to medical education and military service over the past seventy-five years.

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