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Prime Minister Modi addresses the JITO Connect 2022 launching session

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi used video conferencing to address the opening session of the Jain International Trade Organisation’s JITO Connect 2022. In his remarks, the Prime Minister referred to the spirit of Sabka Prayas in the topic of the programme, saying that the world is looking at India’s development resolutions as a method of attaining its objectives. Whether it’s for global peace, worldwide wealth, solutions to global difficulties, or the development of the global supply chain, the world looks to India with hope.

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  • The Prime Minister stated that whatever the people’s areas of expertise, concerns, or differences of opinion may be, they are all unified by the rise of New India.
  • Everyone nowadays believes that India has progressed beyond probability and potential and is now serving a larger purpose of world welfare.
  • He added that the country is encouraging talent, trade, and technologies as much as possible, reiterating his earlier declaration of pure goals, clear intentions, and favourable policies.


  • The Prime Minister exhorted everyone in attendance to work for EARTH.
  • E stands for environmental prosperity. PM also encouraged them to talk on how they can help build at least 75 Amrit Sarovars in each district by August 15 of next year.
  • A stands for increasing investment in natural farming, farming technology, and the food processing sector in order to make agriculture more profitable.
  • Working for Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, the letter R stands for Recycling and the circular economy.
  • The letter T stands for bringing technology to as many people as possible. PM challenged the audience to examine how other advanced technology, such as drone technology, may be made more accessible.
  • H stands for healthcare, and that the government is now working hard to improve healthcare and medical colleges in every area across the country.

JITO Connect 2022

The prestigious JITO Connect 2022 – One of the World’s Largest and Most Desired Global Summits, a 3-day power packed Summit that is set to take people on a journey to Unravel the Future and embrace Change, the only constant, is set to take people on a journey to Unravel the Future and embrace Change, the only constant It will provide unsaid stories, thoughts, and discoveries that will encourage everyone to grasp other perspectives and see the big picture.

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