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Rajindar Singh Dhatt Receives Points of Light Award


Rajindar Singh Dhatt, the driving force behind the “Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association” has been honored with the prestigious Points of Light award for his exceptional service and relentless efforts to bring together British Indian war veterans. Dhatt demonstrated his dedication to serving his country by joining the British Indian Army during the Second World War.

Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association

Rajindar Singh Dhatt has dedicated his life to serving his fellow veterans through the establishment and stewardship of the “Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association” in 1963. This organization has been instrumental in fostering unity, support, and camaraderie among British Indian war veterans. Dhatt’s efforts have been driven by a profound sense of duty and a vision to bring about positive change in the lives of ex-servicemen and their families.

About Rajindar Singh Dhatt

Born in pre-Partition India in 1921, Rajindar Singh Dhatt displayed exceptional bravery and resilience as he fought alongside the Allied forces during the British colonial period. His promotion to the rank of Havildar Major (Sergeant Major) in 1943 was a testament to his exceptional skills and leadership qualities. Following his exemplary service, Dhatt was deployed to the Far East campaign, specifically to the critical battle at Kohima in northeast India, where he played a pivotal role in supporting the Allied Forces and contributing to the breakthrough of Japanese defenses.

Key takeaways for competitive examination

  • Points of Light is an International nonprofit organization founded in 1990 & headquartered in Georgia, United States.
  • Points of Light recognise outstanding people whose service is making a difference in their communities and whose stories can inspire others towards innovative solutions to social challenges in their own communities and beyond.

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