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China’s Qu-Dongyu re-elected unopposed as head of FAO

The 43rd session of conference of United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held at FAO’s headquarter, Rome began on Saturday i.e. 1st July, 2023. In this conference of FAO Qu-Dongyu was re-elected as a Director General of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

In 2019, Qu-Dongyu was elected as the head of the UN agency and he is the first Chinese national to serve in the position.

Since assuming office, Qu-Dongyu had actively led the FAO to address the challenges in global food security and contribute to the food and agriculture development of all countries, especially developing countries.

His efforts have been recognised by FAO member nations and re-elected him as the Director General of the FAO by getting 168 votes out of 182 votes. Qu was re-elected as Director General of FAO for the term of 4 years commencing on August 1.

Qu-Dongyu’s profession:

Qu-Dongyu is a biologist as a profession, have a distinguished background that has played a vital role in making him a good leader at FAO. After assuming his extreme role at FAO in 2019, he become the vice-minister of agriculture in China. Qu-Dongyu with his experience in agricultural sector plays a vital role in achieving the objectives of FAO.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO):

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is an international body which deals with food security, hunger and nutrition at global level.

  • FAO is specialised agency of United Nations.
  • Establishment: FAO is established 16 October, 1945.
  • Headquarter: Headquarter of FAO is situated at Rome, Italy.
  • Parent Organization: United Nation Economic and Social Council.
  • FAO comprises of 195 members including 194 countries and European Union.

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