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Retd. Air Marshal PV Iyer launched his book ‘Fit At Any Age’

Retd. Air Marshal PV Iyer launched his book 'Fit At Any Age'_4.1

Fit At Any Age:

Air Marshal PV Iyer (retd.) has launched his book ‘Fit At Any Age’ at India International Centre, New Delhi. He penned his journey to fitness in the book and shared anecdotes from his life to explain how he became motivated to work out daily. He also writes about why it’s important to work out and why one’s journey towards fitness should start early. The book, published by Bloomsbury India.

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The essence of the book:

  • This book explains how adhering to a culture of fitness can keep illnesses at bay. Exercising strengthens the heart and cleans the blood vessels. Informative, and humorous, Fit at Any Age combines personal anecdotes, sciencebased logic and simple tips.
  • It is also an inspirational story that will show you anything can be achieved no matter how old you are. Do you want to be fit into your 90s? Most people think being fit requires hours of working out in the gym.
  • Air Marshal P.V. Iyer, a 92-year-old runner, tells us how we can make fitness part of our everyday activities at any age, leaving sufficient time for leisure. At the age of 47, when Air Marshal Iyer was confronted with the Indian Air Force’s new policy demanding minimum age-specific physical fitness to be eligible for promotion, he set out to pass the test.
  • In the course of his training it dawned on him that every one of us, irrespective of age and lifestyle, can become fit and it’s never too late to learn new habits.

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