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Prime Minister Modi Virtually Addressed Rotary International Convention 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India is the land of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, who exemplified what it means to live for others. While electronically addressing the Rotary International World Convention, the Prime Minister made the comment. The Rotarians have been described as a true mix of people “”Every Rotary gathering of this scale is like a mini-global assembly.”

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Key Points:

  • “There is diversity and vibrancy,” the Prime Minister said of Rotary’s two mottos, “Service Above Self” and “One Profits Most Who Serves Best.” These are important principles for the welfare of all humanity, according to the Prime Minister, and resonate with the “teachings of our saints and sages.”
  • The Prime Minister stated that because India is home to one-seventh of the world’s population, any achievement made by India will have a beneficial impact on the rest of the globe.
  • As examples, he referenced the Covid-19 vaccine story and plans to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025, five years ahead of the worldwide objective of 2030.
  • Prime Minister Modi requested the Rotary family to support these grassroots activities and to observe Yoga Day in big numbers all throughout the world.

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