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Satyajit Ray’s birth Anniversary, National Museum of Indian Cinema will host film festival

On Satyajit Ray’s 101st birthday, the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mumbai will conduct a three-day film festival at various locations across India to screen films by the iconic filmmaker. It will also show movies about Satyajit Ray.

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  • The Film Festival is being organised by the National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mumbai in collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation, Films Division, National Film Archives of India, and Doordarshan, with support from the Government of West Bengal, Aurora Film Corporation, and Friends Communication.
  • Anik Dutta’s Aparajito, which will receive its ‘India Premiere’, will be the festival’s opening film. The film is a tribute to Satyajit Ray’s classic Pather Panchali, which was inspired by the making of the film.
  • On May 4, a panel discussion will follow the screening of Pather Panchali, the internationally famous movie on human documenting that Ray first exposed to the globe.
  • For all audiences, especially cinephiles and admirers of Ray’s work, the panel discussion will be webcast live on NFDC’s official Facebook page.
  • Director Shyam Benegal, Ray’s favourite actor Barun Chanda, and music composer Shantanu Moitra will be on the panel.
  • Aside from the premiere of Dutta’s Aparajito, which is set to hit theatres on May 13, the other films are NFDC’s Agantuk, Ghare Baire, and Ganashatru, all directed by Ray.
  • The event will also feature a screening of Satyajit Ray’s documentary on Rabindranath Tagore, directed by Utpalendu Chakraborty.

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