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Sikkim government hikes minimum wage by 67%

The Sikkim government hiked the minimum wage for unskilled workers by 67 percent to Rs 500. The daily wage for unskilled laborers was Rs 300 which is now increased to Rs 500 with retrospective effect from 11th July 2022. The daily wage for semi-skilled workers was increased from Rs 320 to Rs 520. The skilled laborers or workers will now get Rs 535, which was earlier Rs 335. Highly skilled labor will be paid Rs 565 per day, instead of Rs 365 per day.

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Key Points related to hiking the minimum wage in Sikkim

  • These updated wages will be applicable for laborers who are working at altitudes up to 8,000 feet.
  • 50 percent more wages will be given to those working at altitudes from 8,001 feet to 12,000 feet.
  • The laborers working in the altitudes of 12,001 feet to 16,000 feet will be paid 75 percent more than the normal wage.
  • The laborers working at places above 16,001 feet will get double the normal wage.
  • The new wages will be applicable from July 2022.

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