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Silk City of India, Know the City Name

India is a country characterized by numerous cities, each with its unique identity and significance. Several cities not only enjoy popularity within the nation but also on a global scale, attracting visitors from around the world. This article will explore the narrative of yet another Indian city, frequently recognized as the “Silk City of India.” Situated in the state of Bihar, Bhagalpur has garnered this esteemed title owing to its rich legacy of silk production, establishing itself as a prominent player in both the domestic and international silk trade.

The Global Demand for Indian Silk

India is known for its silk production, which extends its demand not just within the country but also internationally. Each year, India exports a substantial quantity of silk, reaching continents like Europe and beyond. The exquisite craftsmanship and quality of Indian silk have made it highly sought after in the global fashion industry.

The Silk City: Bhagalpur, Bihar

Among the various cities in India, one holds the distinguished title of the “Silk City of India” and that city is Bhagalpur, situated in the Bihar state of India. Nestled along the banks of the majestic Ganges River, Bhagalpur is a city of great commercial importance, especially in the context of Tussar silk. This city’s silk, often referred to as “Bhagalpuri silk,” is renowned not only within Indian but also around the world.

Why Bhagalpur is called the “Silk City of India”

Bhagalpur’s claims to fame as the “Silk City of India” is deeply rooted in its rich history of silk production. This tradition dates back nearly two centuries and has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, Bhagalpur boasts an annual silk trade worth approximately 100 crores Indian Rupees, with around 50% of the business being on an international scale.

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Silk Reaching the World

Silk produced in Bhagalpur finds its way to various corners of the globe, including Western Asia, Europe, the United States and Japan. Annually, the city produces approximately two million meters of silk fabric, making it a hub of silk production. The high-quality silk from Bhagalpur is appreciated not only for its rich texture but also for its intricate designs and vibrant colors.

The Distinction of Silk Cities

Some might wonder why other cities, like Bangalore, are also referred to as “Silk City of India.” However, it is important to note that Bhagalpur was the first city is India to be recognized as a Silk City on the global stage. While other cities, such as Hyderabad, also contribute to silk production in India, Bhagalpur remains a prominent center for the silk trade, thanks to its long-established tradition and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Which city is known as "Silk City of India"?

Bhagalpur’s claims to fame as the “Silk City of India” is deeply rooted in its rich history of silk production, situated in the Bihar state of India.

Why Bhagalpur is known as "Silk City of India"?

Bhagalpur is known as the “Silk City of India” due to its long and illustrious history of silk production, particularly Tussar Silk. The city has been a major hub for silk production for nearly two centuries and is renowned for the high-quality silk it produces, which is in demand both domestically and internationally.

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