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Skalzang Rigzin: First Indian mountaineer to ascend Mount Annapurna Peak

Skalzang Rigzin, the first mountaineer from India to ascend Mount Annapurna‘s top without the aid of oxygen was welcomed by Leh with open arms. After successfully summiting Annapurna and Lhotse in Nepal, he was welcomed by other mountaineers at the Leh Airport. With 16 days of gap between climb of Mt Annapurna on April 28 and Mt Lhotse on May 14, Skalzang Rigzin has set a record to conquer two summits without oxygen supplements.

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  • Due to its high rate of fatalities when attempting to summit, Mt. Annapurna is one of the world’s eight thousand-meter summits and one of the most challenging.
  • Members of the LMGA possess the strength and stamina necessary for climbing without experiencing AMS, which affects Sherpas.
  • The local climbers will be inspired by his adventure.

About Skalzang Rigzin:

  • The 41 year old Skalzang Rigzin has 23 years of experience in leading adventurous visitors in mountaineering in Ladakh.
  • Skalzang Rigzin stated that he intended to climb all nine mountains with peaks between 8,000 and 14,000 metres in height in the future.
  • According to Skalzang Rigzin, fellow mountaineer and founder of Boots and Crampons Bharath Thammineni backed the Mt. Annapurna expedition, and Nepal’s Peak Promotion Company assisted in the ascent of the nearby Mt. Lhotse.

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