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Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigned after weeks of Protest

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigned on Monday

Sri Lankan prime minister Mahindra Rajapaksa resigned from his position on 9th May 2022. He sent his resignation letter to the president of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa. He has been accused of misleading Sri Lanka’s economy and pushing Sri Lanka towards Bank corruption and economic crisis.  The Sri Lankan people have been protesting against the president and the prime minister. They demanded the resignation of prime minister Mahindra Rajapaksa. The supporters attack the Anti-government protesters outside the president’s office which leads to massive violence.  151 people were injured and admitted in the hospital.

After the resignation of Mahindra Rajapaksa as the prime minister of Sri Lanka a nation wide curfew was imposed. The former prime minister of Sri Lanka said in a statement that, “a few months ago prime minister Mahindra Rajapaksa sent a letter of resignation to president Gotabaya Rajapaksa“. The letter also said that “multiple stakeholders have indicated the best solution to the present crisis is the formation of an interim all-party government.” “Therefore, I have tendered my resignation so the next steps can be taken in advance with the constitution.”

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Clashes between Supporters and Protestors of the Sri Lankan Government

The pro-government supporters were armed with iron bars and attack the Anti-government demonstrators near the “Gota Go Gama” tent village which is the focal point of nationwide protest.  The police tried to stop the massive crowd with tear gases and water cannons. The Anti-government demonstrators claim that it was a peaceful protest and pro-government supporters attacked Gota Go Gama and set fire on their tents.

” We are helpless now, we are begging for help.” said one of the Anti-protesters of government. The clash between the Anti-government demonstrators and the pro-government supporters lead to massive loss which is now controlled by the parliamentary troops with Shields and helmets. Also, the army deployed soldiers in the area to keep the two groups apart. Followed by this the president Rajapaksa said in a tweet that they “strongly condemn the violent act taking place by those inciting and participating irrespective of political allegiances” and “violence won’t solve the current problem.”

Reason for Protest in Sri Lanka

During this month the president has declared two state emergencies because the protest against the prime minister grew large every day. The protestors were not happy with the government and demanded the resignation of President Rajapaksa and his elder brother Mahindra Rajapaksa who is the prime minister of Sri Lanka. Mahindra Rajapaksa has been accused of mismanaging the economy of Sri Lanka and pushing it towards bankruptcy. The Paksa family has been dominating Sri Lanka for years and now the people are ready to protest against the government. The economic crisis leads to food shortages, medicine shortages, and fuel shortages. The country has no budget for foreign exchange and is under the depth of international countries. To pay the depth of all the international countries Sri Lanka needs 3 billion to four billion dollars. The main reason for the economic crisis was the setback of the tourism industry due to Covid-19, depletion of forex reserves, and the depression of currency in Sri Lanka. The protester strongly believes that the Rajapaksa family has failed Sri Lanka as a country.

FAQs related to Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister’s Resignation

1. Why was a nationwide curfew imposed in Sri Lanka?
Ans. The curfew was imposed after the clash between the supporters and anti-government demonstrators. The supporters of the government used iron bars to attack the protesters and set their tents on fire.

2. What is behind Sri Lanka’s economic crisis?
Ans. The main reason for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is prime minister Mahendra rajbaksha according to the protester of the government. According to the protesters, rajpaksha is the main reason who post Sri Lanka towards an economic crisis to mishandling the economy.

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