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Swathi Mountains: A Compact Weapon Locating Radar

The Indian Army has recently inducted a new addition to its arsenal, the “Swathi Mountains,” a lighter and more compact version of the indigenous Weapon Locating Radar (WLR-M). This advanced radar system, developed by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) in Bengaluru, holds a pivotal role in enhancing military operations, particularly in challenging terrains. Let’s delve deeper into the features, capabilities, and significance of this cutting-edge technology.

Weapon Locating Radar: A Critical Military Asset

Swathi Mountains: A Compact Weapon Locating Radar
Swathi Mountains: A Compact Weapon Locating Radar

The Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) has emerged as a cornerstone of modern military strategies, employing sophisticated signal processing techniques to autonomously detect and track hostile artillery, mortars, and rocket launchers. Its capabilities extend beyond hostile fire detection, as it can also track friendly fire trajectories, enabling precise calculations for more accurate artillery strikes.

This radar’s prowess lies in its ability to identify and monitor small projectiles across the battlefield, accounting for environmental conditions to estimate launch and impact points accurately. Notably, the WLR’s mobility and swift deployment capabilities make it adaptable to evolving operational requirements. Its versatile design allows it to scan different areas without necessitating physical repositioning.

Distinctive Features of Swathi Mountains WLR

The Swathi Mountains WLR stands out as an advanced electronically scanned phased array radar with specialized features tailored for mountainous and high-altitude regions. This radar system is a testament to indigenous technological advancement, contributing significantly to India’s defense capabilities.

Let’s explore the specific attributes that set Swathi Mountains apart:

1. Operation in Challenging Terrain

Designed with the unique demands of mountainous and high-altitude areas in mind, the Swathi Mountains WLR proves its mettle where traditional radar systems may fall short. Its compact design and mobility empower it to excel in environments with varying topography, ensuring accurate detection and tracking of projectiles.

2. Detection and Tracking Capabilities

Swathi Mountains is adept at detecting mortar shells, rockets, and various projectiles, while simultaneously distinguishing between projectile and non-projectile targets. The radar system employs advanced signal processing algorithms to reject unwanted signals like birds, clutter, and aircraft, maintaining accuracy even in cluttered scenarios.

3. Trajectory Estimation and Accuracy Enhancement

A hallmark feature of Swathi Mountains is its ability to estimate trajectories and extrapolate launch and impact points. The radar automatically adjusts for variations in height, heightening accuracy in calculations. This capability is crucial for effective artillery strikes and tactical decision-making.

4. Data Storage and Communication

The radar system is equipped with storage capabilities to retain trajectory data, enhancing post-mission analysis and strategic planning. Additionally, seamless communication with higher echelons ensures coordinated efforts and real-time updates, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

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