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Most Polluted Cities in India, All Cities List Name

Air pollution in India has been a persistent and growing concern, with its capital city, Delhi, often making headlines for its deteriorating air quality. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a crucial tool for understanding and addressing the issue. As of 6th November 2023, several cities across India, particularly in the Delhi-NCR region, experienced dangerous levels of air pollution. This article sheds light on the top-10 most polluted cities in India, based on their AQI readings.

Top-10 Most Polluted Cities in India

New Delhi with the Air Quality Index (AQI) of 483 topped the list of most polluted cities in India, followed by Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Hisar.

Here is the list of top-10 most polluted cities in India:

Top-10 Most Polluted Cities in India
Rank City Air Quality Index (AQI)
1. New Delhi 483
2. Faridabad 354
3. Ghaziabad 344
4. Hisar 342
5. Gurgaon 311
6. Noida 301
7. Rohtak 292
8. Sonipat 260
9. Bhiwani 253
10. Meerut 220

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 The Current Scenario in Delhi-NCR

The Delhi-NCR region has been experiencing deteriorating air quality due to several factors, including lower minimum temperatures, stubble burning and reduced wind speed. This has led to an apocalyptic haze, causing residents to report breathing difficulties. Consequently, the region is now under stage III of the Graded Response Action Plan to curb pollution. Schools were also closed for two days to protect the health of students.

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Contrasting Air Quality in Other Major Cities

While northern Indian cities are reeling from hazardous air quality, some other major cities across India fare better in terms of AQI. Here is the AQI of other selected cities:

  • Kolkata: AQI 196
  • Mumbai: AQI 181
  • Bangalore: AQI 38
  • Chennai: AQI 33
  • Ahmedabad: AQI 144
  • Hyderabad: AQI 64
  • Lucknow: AQI 179

Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu and Gulbarga in Karnataka stand as India’s least polluted cities, both with an AQI of 19, offering a stark contrast to the dismal air quality in the northern regions.

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