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UP wins award for using telecommunication technology in mental health and counselling


On October 10th, Uttar Pradesh was awarded the third prize for its outstanding efforts in operationalizing Telemanas, a tele-technology-based mental health and counseling service. The award was presented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and was received by Dr. Pinky Joval, the Mission Director of the National Health Mission in Uttar Pradesh. The award is a testament to UP’s dedication to mental health and the invaluable service it provides to its citizens.

Empowering Mental Health: The Launch of the National Tele Mental Health Programme

The National Tele Mental Health Programme was launched on October 10, 2022, coinciding with World Mental Health Day. This initiative aimed to address the urgent need for a digital mental health network, providing tele-mental health care services across the state and ensuring 24/7 mental health care, even in remote regions.

The program recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues, particularly among children and adolescents. Additionally, the excessive use of mobile phones has contributed to the rise of mental disorders and depression, making it imperative to offer accessible mental health support.

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Telemanas Services: Bridging the Gap

Telemanas is a lifeline for individuals in need of mental health support. It offers free mental health services to all individuals through the toll-free number 14416 or 1800-89-14416. This service has been a beacon of hope for those struggling with mental health issues, providing a channel for professional support, guidance, and counseling. It emphasizes the importance of seeking help and reinforces the idea that mental health is as crucial as physical health.

National Recognition for UP’s Commitment

UP’s remarkable achievements in operationalizing Telemanas underscore its commitment to mental health care. The award from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare highlights the state’s dedication to improving mental health services and addressing the growing concerns regarding children, adolescents, and mobile phone-related mental health issues. It also signifies the state’s readiness to take on future challenges and strives to become the leading state in tele-mental health care in the upcoming year.

A Bright Future for Telemanas

The National Tele Mental Health Programme has made a significant impact since its inception in UP. The large number of calls received at the national level is evidence of the program’s success in reaching those in need. As it continues to grow and evolve, Telemanas holds the potential to provide critical mental health support to an even broader population, ensuring that no one is left to face mental health challenges alone.

A Call for Broader Support and Imitation

The recognition and awards received by Uttar Pradesh for its efforts in operationalizing Telemanas are a testament to the state’s commitment to mental health care. As we move forward, it is imperative to continue supporting and expanding such programs to ensure that individuals facing mental health challenges have access to the help they need. With Telemanas, Uttar Pradesh is setting an example that the rest of the country can follow in prioritizing mental health care.

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