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Uttar Pradesh Declares November 25 as “no non-veg day”


Uttar Pradesh government recently made a significant announcement, declaring November 25 as “no non-veg day” in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Sadhu TL Vaswani, a prominent advocate for a vegetarian lifestyle. This decision involves the closure of all slaughterhouses and meat shops in the state on that day.

In Harmony with Non-Violence Tradition

The move aligns with the tradition of celebrating the birth anniversaries of great figures who promoted the doctrine of non-violence, such as Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, Gandhi Jayanti, and now, Sadhu TL Vaswani Jayanti.

Government Directive

In a letter issued by Dharmendra Pratap Singh, Special Secretary in the Uttar Pradesh government, directives were sent to various state officials, including District Magistrates, Divisional Commissioners, and Municipal Commissioners. The letter emphasized the closure of all slaughterhouses and meat shops on November 25, 2023, marking it as a “no non-veg day” in honor of Sadhu TL Vaswani.

Background on Sadhu TL Vaswani

Sadhu Thanwardas Lilaram Vaswani, an educationist who initiated the Mira Movement, was born into a Sindhi family in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakistan). His advocacy extended beyond vegetarianism, as he actively raised his voice for the education and liberation of women in the country.

Link to Non-Violence Tradition

The state’s initiative to declare November 25 as a “no non-veg day” aligns with the broader tradition of honoring individuals who championed the philosophy of non-violence. By extending this practice to Sadhu TL Vaswani, the Uttar Pradesh government is not only paying homage to his ideals but also reinforcing the importance of non-violence in contemporary society.

Recent Measures in Uttar Pradesh

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Uttar Pradesh’s decision to ban the production, storage, distribution, and sale of halal-certified food products in the state. These measures collectively underscore the government’s efforts to promote specific dietary practices aligned with cultural and philosophical values.

Questions Related to Exams

Q: Uttar Pradesh government declared which day as “no non-veg day”?

A: November 25.

Q: Which person is the Uttar Pradesh government commemorating by declaring November 25 as ‘no non-veg day’?

A: Sadhu TL Vaswani.

Uttar Pradesh Declares November 25 as "no non-veg day"_4.1


Uttar Pradesh Declares November 25 as "no non-veg day"_5.1