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World Bicycle Day 2022 observed on 3rd June

World Bicycle Day 2022 observed on 3rd June Every Year_4.1

World Bicycle Day is marked on 3rd June every year to recognise bicycling as a way to get a sustainable form of travelling that also ensures one’s physical well being. The day celebrates the tradition of cycling and its significant role in keeping our health fit. Cycling is a multidimensional exercise with numerous health benefits.

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World Bicycle Day 2022: Significance

World Bicycle Day becomes all the more significant with the growing concerns around the lack of physical activities among people and its health hazards. A cycle is a clean, affordable, and environment-friendly mode of transportation and promoting its use contributes to the conservation of nature and achieving cleaner air and environment.

Moreover, encouraging the poorest section of the society to use a cycle might also help reduce cases of heart disease and diabetes.

World Bicycle Day: History

World Bicycle Day was first marked on June 3, 2018, when the United Nations first adopted a resolution during the 72nd Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in April. The declaration was adopted by more than 193 member states that encouraged them to include bicycles in regional, international, and subnational development programmes and policies.

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World Bicycle Day 2022 observed on 3rd June Every Year_5.1

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