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World Cancer Day 2023: 4th February, Know History, Significance and Theme

World Cancer Day 2023

World Cancer Day 2023: Each year on February 4, World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide. It is believed to have brought everyone together in the fight against cancer. World Cancer Day seeks to save millions of lives by educating the public, promoting awareness, and pressuring individuals and governments around the world to take action every year.

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On World Cancer Day, we demonstrate to the world the value of teamwork and teach ourselves that every single person, no matter how tiny or large, can make a difference in the fight against cancer. February 4th, is World Cancer Day 2023, which is being observed to create a cancer-free world. We should all pledge to play a part in this effort, regardless of who we are or how we behave, no matter where we are. Every year on February 4th, we observe World Cancer Day to increase public awareness of cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is any of a wide range of illnesses characterized by the growth of abnormal cells with the capacity to invade and damage healthy bodily tissue while dividing uncontrollably. It is frequently possible for cancer to spread throughout your body.

Cancer is the second leading cause of  death in the world. But because to advancements in cancer screening, therapy, and prevention, survival rates for many cancer types are rising.

Symptoms of Cancer

The symptoms of the cancer are: swallowing difficulties, often occurring mouth ulcers, food retention, alteration in urinary patterns, irregular urination, abnormal bleeding, extreme fatigue, prolonged coughing and bloody coughing in women Initial symptoms include complaints of filthy water, indigestion, flatulence, extended fever in youngsters, lumps in the body, weight loss, and loss of appetite. They must not be disregarded.

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World Cancer Day 2023: History

The World Health Organization, on their initiative, established the inaugural Cancer Day in 1933 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The goal of World Cancer Day is to increase public awareness of the risks associated with cancer, as well as its symptoms and prevention.

World Cancer Day was established in 2000 during the first World Summit Against Cancer. The event, which was held in Paris, was attended by many representatives of cancer organizations as well as significant international leaders from many nations and their respective governments.

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World Cancer Day 2023: Theme

“Close The Care Gap” has been the theme for World Cancer Day for the past three years (2022, 2023, and 2024).

The multi-year campaign’s main objectives are to increase global awareness of Cancer Day through exposure, involvement, and opportunities.

World Cancer Day 2023: Significance

Nobody underestimates the severity of the cancer disease. It is a disease that leads to the uncontrolled growth and spread of specific bodily cells throughout the body. Cancer can manifest itself almost anyplace in the human body.

The lethal disease remains undetected at an early stage because its signs and symptoms don’t manifest until an advanced stage. According to the most recent releases of GLOBOCAN 2020 data from the WHO, cancer will be the cause of one in six fatalities in 2020.

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The greatest line of action is to educate yourself about cancer even though it could be intimidating. Although there may not yet be a cure for cancer, we can undoubtedly learn more about its prevention, detection, and treatment.

World Cancer Day 2023: Official Colour

Blue and Orange are the official colours for the world cancer day 2023.

World Cancer Day 2023: World Cancer Day Ribbon Colour

On this World Cancer Day, let’s look at the ribbon’s colour scheme. In reality, World Cancer Day Ribbon Colors are clothing items that individuals wear to show their compassion and support for those dealing with cancer.

  • Thyroid cancer that is blue, pink, and teal
  • Lung cancer with white pearls
  • Bladder cancer that is blue, yellow, and purple
  • Skin cancer of colour
  • All cancers lavender
  • Pancreatic cancer in purple
  • Blue-periwinkle colon cancer
  • Testicular cancer that is pale purple
  • Color-changing colon cancer
  • Kelly green: The cancer Ger Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Uterine cancer in a peach
  • Head and neck cancer that is white and burgundy
  • Multiple myeloma burgundy
  • Renal cancer in orange

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World Cancer Day 2023: Prevention of Cancer

  • First and foremost, we need to consume less highly processed foods in fruits and vegetables if we want to prevent cancer.
  • Aside from this, World Cancer Day 2023 Awareness Day requires a minimum level of alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Additionally, one needs to keep up a healthy weight and engage in frequent exercise.
  • In order to prevent cancer, we must safeguard ourselves against environmental exposure to dangerous chemicals as well.
  • Use a decent sunscreen, be mindful of UV radiation, and wear protective clothing.

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