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World’s First ‘Black Tiger Safari’: Odisha’s CM Naveen Patnaik Announces

In a groundbreaking move, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has unveiled plans for the establishment of the world’s first ‘black tiger safari’ near the Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) in Mayurbhanj. This visionary project aims to provide tourists and visitors with a rare glimpse of the melanistic tigers, commonly known as black tigers, recently spotted at the Similipal National Park.

Unique Features of Melanistic Tigers: A Rarity Found Only in Odisha

Melanistic tigers, characterized by a captivating dark stripe pattern set against a backdrop of white or golden fur, have become a recent attraction in the Similipal region. Chief Minister Patnaik expressed excitement about showcasing these majestic creatures, emphasizing that this safari would be the only place in the world to witness such a unique species.

Strategic Location and Layout of the Safari

The proposed safari site, near Baripada and spanning 200 hectares, will be strategically located adjacent to National Highway 18. Out of this area, 100 hectares will be dedicated to the display zone, while the remaining space will be utilized for essential infrastructure, including veterinary care facilities, a rescue center, staff amenities, and visitor services.

Home to Melanistic Tigers: Similipal Tiger Reserve

Highlighting the significance of Similipal Tiger Reserve, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Susanta Nanda, affirmed that it is the exclusive natural habitat for melanistic tigers worldwide. The chosen site, approximately 15 km from the reserve, mirrors the landscape of Similipal, providing a suitable environment for these rare creatures.

Purpose and Residents of the Safari: A Blend of Conservation and Education

The safari aims to house surplus tigers from Nandankanan Zoo and rescued or orphaned tigers unfit for the wild but suitable for display in an open enclosure. This combination of conservation efforts and educational initiatives is expected to attract a substantial number of visitors, further enhancing the appeal of the Similipal Tiger Reserve.

Government’s Proposal and Regulatory Approvals

The Chief Minister’s announcement followed the in-principle approval of the state government’s proposal by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). To ensure feasibility, a committee constituted by the NTCA will conduct a thorough site visit before granting the final approval. Additional regulatory clearances, including approval from the Central Zoo Authority, will follow suit.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  • Odisha Government’s groundbreaking initiative: World’s first ‘Black Tiger Safari’ near Similipal Tiger Reserve.
  • Melanistic tigers, a rare species, to be showcased, offering a unique wildlife experience.
  • Strategic location near Baripada, 200-hectare site with 100 hectares for display, creating a blend of conservation and education.
  • Similipal Tiger Reserve, the exclusive natural habitat for melanistic tigers globally.
  • Purpose includes housing surplus and unfit-for-wild tigers, fostering eco-tourism and conservation awareness.
  • Proposal gains in-principle approval from National Tiger Conservation Authority.
  • Committee to assess feasibility before final approval; additional clearances from Central Zoo Authority required.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. Where is the world’s first ‘Black Tiger Safari’ being set up?
  2. What is the distinguishing feature of melanistic tigers?
  3. What is the proposed display area size for the ‘Black Tiger Safari’ near Similipal?
  4. Which authority granted the in-principle approval for the safari project?
  5. What is the primary purpose of housing tigers in the open enclosure?
  6. How far is the proposed safari site from the Similipal Tiger Reserve?

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