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Arya.ag and FWWB India partner with UNDP to implement Project Excel

Arya.ag and FWWB India partner with UNDP: Project Excel is being implemented in the Gujarati districts of Jamnagar and Dwaraka Devbhumi by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the integrated grain commerce platform Arya.ag and Friends of Women’s World Banking India (FWWB India). It aims to increase the incomes of 10,000 farmer households through the promotion of small businesses, intervention in the agri-value chain, and skill development in the agricultural industry.

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Arya.ag and FWWB India partner with UNDP: Key Points

  • By December 2023, the collaboration for Project Excel hopes to have assembled a team of community resource people who will support, encourage, and coach local business owners.
  • A team of sourcing managers will be assembled as part of the project to undertake value chain interventions and create credit and market links through collectivization.
  • Arya.ag will work to create farmer collectives for efficient post-harvest management and create the producer group’s agriculture value chain.
  • The company’s services, such as high-quality inputs, business support, tools for managing and advising farms, accessible loans, and capacity building, will help farmers as a result.

Benefits of Project Excel:

The project’s goal is to develop and generate possibilities for communities in rural and semi-urban areas to improve their lives in industries like agriculture, dairy, poultry, handloom, goat farming, and handicrafts. This promotes stronger market relationships and aids in managerial capacity growth.

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