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Assam’s First Underwater Tunnel To Come Up Under Brahmaputra


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently announced the construction of Assam’s first-ever underwater tunnel, connecting Numaligarh and Gohpur. This groundbreaking project, estimated to cost Rs 6,000 crores, will be the first rail-road tunnel under the Brahmaputra River in northeast India. The tenders for the project are scheduled to open next month, marking a significant milestone in the region’s transportation infrastructure.

Feasibility and Government Support

Prime minister Modi has also given the green signal for the construction of the tunnel. The project received strong support from the high command in Delhi, showcasing the importance of collaboration between the state and central governments.

Enhanced Connectivity and Transformational Change

The construction of an underwater tunnel under the Brahmaputra River holds immense significance for Assam and the northeastern region. By connecting the north and south banks of the river, the tunnel will significantly improve connectivity between Numaligarh and Gohpur, making travel more convenient and efficient.With a length of approx 15 kilometres, it will bring about a transformational change in the transportation infrastructure of the region.

Benefits and Impact

The Numaligarh-Gohpur underwater tunnel is expected to provide substantial benefits to the region. It will enhance trade and commerce opportunities, improve connectivity for residents, and boost tourism. Currently, crossing the Brahmaputra River requires the use of ferries or bridges, which can be time-consuming and disrupted during the monsoon season. The underwater tunnel will mitigate these challenges and offer a reliable and efficient transportation alternative.

Commitment to Infrastructure Development

The proactive approach of the Assam government in pursuing this groundbreaking project reflects its commitment to advancing infrastructure development in the state. The tunnel holds the promise of boosting economic growth, attracting investments, and fostering regional integration. The tender process, set to commence in July 2023, will further propel the project forward, marking a significant milestone for Assam’s transportation infrastructure.

Symbol of Overcoming Barriers

Once completed, the Numaligarh-Gohpur underwater tunnel will not only enhance connectivity but also serve as a symbol of Assam’s determination to overcome geographical barriers and transform its transportation landscape. It represents a monumental achievement in bridging the north and south banks of the Brahmaputra River, demonstrating the state’s vision for a more connected and prosperous future.

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About Assam

  • Chief minister: Himanta Biswa Sarma
  • Official bird: White-winged duck
  • Official dance: Bihu dance


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