Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar launched Child Labour Tracking System

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has inaugurated ‘Child Labour Tracking System (CLTS)’ in order to keep a track of rescued child labour for their proper rehabilitation besides announcing financial help of Rs 25,000 for every rescued child labour to be given from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

According to CM, the money will directly go to their bank account. It (money) will instil a sense of confidence in them and money will be given to all those registered under the tracking system. The prominent demands of rescued children are — more schools with all facilities, residential schools for such children, training facilities to get job, a year (from Aug 15, 2016 to Aug 14, 2017) be declared and celebrated as child year etc.

So let’s do:
1. Expand the term CLTS?
2. Who  is the chief Minister of Bihar?

Source – The Hindu

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