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Denmark, the first country to import CO2 and bury it undersea

Denmark inaugurates a project to store carbon dioxide 1,800 metres beneath the North Sea, the first country in the world to bury CO2 imported from abroad.

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Embassy of Denmark in the UK | London

More About The Denmark’s Project of the CO2 graveyard:

The CO2 graveyard, where the carbon is injected to prevent further warming of the atmosphere, is on the site of an old oil field. Led by British chemical giant Ineos and German oil company Wintershall Dea, the “Greensand” project is expected to store up to eight million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030.

Why the project is located in North Sea:

North Sea - WorldAtlas

The North Sea is particularly suitable for this type of project as the region already has pipelines and potential storage sites after decades of oil and gas production.

The extent of this project:

While measured in millions of tonnes, the quantities stored still remain a small fraction of overall emissions. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the member states of the EU emitted 3.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2020 alone.

Denmark: FAST FACTS:

Denmark | Culture, Facts & Travel | - CountryReports

  • OFFICIAL NAME: Kingdom of Denmark
  • FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional monarchy
  • CAPITAL: Copenhagen
  • PRIME MINISTER: Mette Frederiksen
  • POPULATON: 5,809,502
  • CURRENCY: Krone
  • AREA: 16,638 square miles (43,094 square kilometers)

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