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DoT announces ‘5G & Beyond Hackathon 2023’


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India has been actively organizing hackathons to encourage the development of 5G products and solutions. These initiatives have resulted in the creation of innovative solutions across various technological verticals. In line with its commitment to promoting technological advancements, the DoT has announced the commencement of applications for the ‘5G & Beyond Hackathon 2023’ from June 28, 2023. This hackathon aims to identify cutting-edge ideas with a focus on India and transform them into practical and effective 5G and beyond products and solutions.


The primary objective of the ‘5G & Beyond Hackathon 2023’ is to identify innovative ideas with a specific focus on India’s requirements and transform them into practical 5G and future-generation products and solutions. By encouraging participation from diverse stakeholders, the DoT aims to leverage collaboration and collective expertise to shape the future of telecommunications in India.

Categories of Focus

Participants in the hackathon have the freedom to develop 5G and beyond solutions across multiple categories. These categories includes:

  • Healthcare: Innovations in healthcare delivery, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and health data analytics using 5G technology.
  • Education & Governance: Solutions that leverage 5G to enhance remote learning, e-governance, and citizen services.
  • AgriTech & Livestock: Applications of 5G in precision agriculture, livestock management, farm automation, and supply chain optimization.
  • Environment: Solutions addressing environmental challenges through the use of 5G technology, such as pollution monitoring, smart energy management, and waste management.
  • Public Safety & Disaster Management: Innovations focusing on public safety, emergency response, disaster management, and early warning systems using 5G networks.
  • Smart Cities & Infrastructure: Applications of 5G in transforming urban infrastructure, transportation, energy management, and public services.
  • Cyber Security: Solutions incorporating 5G technology to enhance cybersecurity measures, threat detection, and data protection.
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance: Innovations in financial services, banking, insurance, and payment systems using the capabilities of 5G networks.
  • Logistics & Transportation: Applications of 5G in optimizing logistics, supply chain management, fleet management, and smart transportation systems.
  • Multimedia & Broadcast Satellite: Leveraging 5G for multimedia content delivery, broadcasting, satellite communications, and immersive experiences.

Prize Pool and Opportunity

The hackathon offers a total prize pool of Rs one crore, which will be shared among the top hundred winners. In addition to the financial reward, the winners will have a unique opportunity to scale and implement their 5G products and solutions, making them market-ready. To facilitate this process, the winners will receive valuable support from mentors representing the government, industry, academia, Telcos/OEMs, and other relevant sectors. This mentorship will play a crucial role in refining their ideas and ensuring their successful implementation.

Inclusivity and Collaboration

The ‘5G & Beyond Hackathon 2023’ is open to individuals, students, start-ups, and academic institutions across India. This inclusive approach encourages participation from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration between different sectors of society. By bringing together participants from various disciplines and expertise, the hackathon cultivates an environment where ideas can flourish, and interdisciplinary solutions can be developed.

Important takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw is the Union Minister for Department of Telecommunications.
  • At present, only Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are the two telecom operators that offer 5G network in the country.


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