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ECI Hosts 2nd International Conference on ‘Use of Technology and Elections Integrity’

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is hosting the 2nd International Conference on the theme ‘Use of Technology and Elections Integrity’ in New Delhi from 23rd to 24th January 2023. ECI is leading the Cohort on Elections Integrity which was established as a follow-up to the ‘Summit for Democracy’ held virtually in December 2021.

ECI Hosts 2nd International Conference on ‘Use of Technology and Elections Integrity’- Key Points

  • The first international conference of the Cohort was organized from 31st October to 1st November 2022 in New Delhi on the topic ‘Role, Framework, and Capacity of Election Management Bodies’.
  • In the first international conference of the Cohort, nearly 50 representatives from the Election Management Bodies (EMBs) of 11 countries participated.
  • The two-day international conference will be inaugurated by the Chief Election Commissioner of India Rajiv Kumar.
  • The concluding session will be chaired by the Election Commissioner of India, Anup Chandra Pandey. Arun Goel, Election Commissioner of India will chair the first technical session.
  • The Election Commission of India, as the lead for the Cohort on ‘Election Integrity’, took a collaborative approach and invited Greece, Mauritius, and IFES to be co-leads for the Cohort.
  • ECI has invited the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and International IDEA, apart from EMBs and Government counterparts dealing with the conduct of elections worldwide.
  • Around 43 Participants from 17 Countries/EMBs including Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Dominica, Fiji, Georgia, Indonesia, Kiribati, Mauritius, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, and Suriname, and 6 participants from international organizations namely, IFES, International IDEA are expected to join.

About Summit for Democracy

‘Summit for Democracy’, was an initiative of the US President hosted in December 2021. The Prime Minister of India spoke at the Leaders Plenary Session on 9th December 2021. Following this Summit, a “Year of Action” was proposed with events and dialogues on themes related to Democracy.

The Summit also developed two platforms – ‘Focal Groups’ and ‘Democracy Cohorts’ to facilitate participation in the Year of Action.  The 2nd Summit for Democracy is scheduled to be held on 29- 30 March 2023 and co-hosted by the governments of Costa Rica, Rep. of Korea, Netherlands, Zambia, and the US.

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