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Indian Army contingent departing for the joint military exercise “Exercise Lamitiye – 2024”

Exercise Lamitiye – 2024

An Indian Army contingent has departed for Seychelles today to participate in the Tenth edition of the Joint Military ExerciseLAMITIYE-2024” between the Indian Army and Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF). The exercise will be conducted in Seychelles from 18-27 March 2024.

What is Exercise Lamitiye?

  • ‘LAMITIYE’ means ‘Friendship‘ in the Creole language.
  • It is a biennial (happening every two years) training event between the Indian Army and Seychelles Defence Forces.
  • The exercise has been conducted in Seychelles since 2001.


  • 45 personnel each from the GORKHA RIFLES of the Indian Army and Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF) will participate in the exercise.

Aim of the Exercise

The main aim of the Exercise is to enhance interoperability (ability to work together) in Sub-conventional Operations (operations other than traditional warfare) in Semi-Urban environment under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter on Peace Keeping Operations.

Key Objectives

  • Enhance cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Army and Seychelles Defence Forces during Peace Keeping Operations.
  • Build and promote bilateral military relations between the two armies.
  • Exchange skills, experiences, and good practices between the two armies.

Exercise Details

  • Both sides will jointly train, plan, and execute a series of tactical drills for neutralization of likely threats in a Semi-Urban environment.
  • They will exploit and showcase new-generation equipment and technology.
  • The 10-day exercise will include Field Training Exercise, combat discussions, lectures & demonstrations, culminating with a two-day Validation Exercise.

Importance of the Exercise

  • The exercise will contribute immensely in developing mutual understanding and magnify jointness between the troops of both armies.
  • It will foster collaborative partnership and help in sharing best practices between the two sides.

The exercise highlights the strong military cooperation and friendly relations between India and Seychelles.

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