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First Case of monkeypox in the Gulf reported in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the first Gulf country to report a monkeypox case. The Czech Republic and Slovenia became the first countries outside of Africa to disclose cases, joining 18 other countries. Although the number is projected to climb even more, experts warn the overall risk to the general public remains minimal.

Monkeypox Virus


  • Fever and rash are common signs, but the illness is usually minor.
  • Virus outbreaks have been discovered in Europe, Australia, and the United States.
  • A case has been found in a visitor who recently visited West Africa and is now undergoing medical care in the UAE, according to health officials.
  • Authorities there say they are completely prepared to deal with any epidemic, and that early detection methods for the disease are in place.
  • The World Health Organization has stated that the virus can be contained in nations outside of Africa if the appropriate response is taken.

About Monkeypox:

The monkeypox virus (MPV or MPXV) is a DNA virus that causes monkeypox in humans and other animals. It belongs to the family Poxviridae and the genus Orthopoxvirus. It’s a human orthopoxvirus that also includes the variola (VARV), cowpox (CPX), and vaccinia (VACV) viruses. It is neither a direct ancestor nor a direct descendant of the smallpox-causing variola virus. Smallpox is comparable to monkeypox, except it has a milder rash and a lower mortality rate.

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