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First in World: List of Males, Females and Other Categories

Throughput history, individuals from different backgrounds have consistently stretched the boundaries of human capability, establishing records and spearheading innovations across a spectrum of fields. These pioneers have left an indelible mark on our world, becoming a source of inspiration for countless individuals striving for remarkable achievements. This article will explore noteworthy milestones accomplished by men, women and diverse groups, emphasizing their exceptional contributions to huma progress and the lasting impact they have imprinted on the course of history.

List of First Males in World

Here is the list of “Firsts” achieved by extraordinary men around the world. From groundbreaking inventions to remarkable accomplishments, this list showcases their pioneering spirit. Explore how these men carved their names in history as trailblazers and set new standards for human achievement in various fields.

S. No. First in World Name
1. First Man to reach South Pole Ronald Amundsen
2. First Man to climb Mt. Everest Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
3. First man to reach North Pole Robert Peary
4. First man to win Nobel Prize for Physics W.K. Roentgen (Germany)
5. First Prime Minister of Great Britain Sir Robert Walpole
6. India’s first man in space Rakesh Sharma
7. First man to win Nobel Prize for Chemistry JH Wentoff
8. First UN Deputy Secretary General Louise Frenchette
9. First President of Indian Republic Dr. Rajendra Prasad
10. Pakistan’s first Governor General Mahammed Ali Jinnah
11. First man to set foot on the moon Neil Armstrong
12. First Indian to win Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore
13. First Indian Air Chief Marshal S. Mukherjee
14. First man to fly an aeroplane Write Brothers
15. First man to win Nobel Prize for Medical AE Von Behring
16. First man to win Nobel Prize for Literature Sully Prudhomme
17. First man to win Nobel Prize for Economics Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen (Neth)
18. First person to win Jnanpith Award Sir Shankar Kurup
19. First Indian Pilot JRD Tata
20. First person to stay in Rashtrapati Bhawan Lord Ircoin
21. First Secretary General of United Nations Trygve Lie
22. First Ethnic-India and Prime Minister of Fiji Mahendra Choudhary
23. First Russian Prime Minister to visit India Nikolai Bulganin
24. First President of the Republic of China Dr Sun Yat-Sen
25. First European invader of Indian soil Alexander, The Great
26. First man to go into space Major Yuri Gagarin
27. First American President to visit India Dwight David Eisenhower
28. First man to walk in space Alexia Leonov
29. First blind man to scale Mount Everest Eric Weihenmayer
30. First person to sail around the world Ferdinand Magellan
31. First man to climb Mount Everest twice Nawang gombu
32. First man to hit double century in One Day International Match Sachin Tendulkar
33. First Muslim President of India Dr Zakir Hussain
34. Governor-General of Independent India Lord Lewis Mountbatten
35. First Governor-General of India William Bentinck
36. President of National Congress Vyomesh Chand Bannerjee
37. First Home Minister of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
38. First Indian Prime Minister who resigned before the full term Morarji Desai
39. First Judge of International Court of Justice Dr Nagendra Singh
40. Governor of RBI Sir Osborne Smith
41. The First Indian to join ICS Satyendra Nath Tagore
42. The first man to introduce printing press in India James Hicky
43. First Field Marshal of India SHFJ Manekshaw
44. First Indian Commander-in-Chief of India General Cariappa
45. First Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhirst
46. First chief of Army Staff General Maharaj Rajendra Singh Ji
47. First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics CV Raman
48. First Indian Naval Chief Vice Admiral R D Katari
49. First Indian Air Chief Marshal Subroto Mukherjee
50. Sports person to receive Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar
51. First person of Indian origin to win Nobel Prize in Medicine Hargobind Khurana
52. First person to receive Magsaysay Award Acharya Vinoba Bhave
53. First Cricketer to get Padma Bhushan C Naidu
54. First Indian to get Granny Award Pandit Ravishankar
55. First person to receive Stalin Award Saifuddin Kitchlew
56. First person to get Param Vir Chakra Major Somnath Sharma
57. First Indian to receive Bharat Ratna Award Dr Radhakrishnan
58. First person to receive Jnanpith Award Sir Shankar Kurup
59. First person to reach Mount Everest without oxygen Sherpa Anga Dorjee
60. First Indian to score triple century in Test Cricket Virendra Sehwag

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First Females in India

List of First Females in World

Discovering an inspiring list of “Firsts” accomplished by remarkable women worldwide. From pioneering achievements to breaking barriers, explore how these trailblazing females have left an indelible mark on history.

S. No. First in World Names
1. First woman Prime Minister of any Muslim Country Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
2. First woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher
3. First woman President of a country Maria Estela Person
4. First woman Prime Minister of a country of a country S Bhandar nayake
5. First woman space tourist Mrs Anousheh Ansari
6. First woman to reach Antarctica Caroline Michaelson
7. First woman to climb Mt. Everest Junko Tabei (Japan)
8. First woman in the world to cross the Strait of Gibralter Arti Pradhan
9. First woman to reach the North Pole Mrs Fran Phipps
10. First woman to set foot on North Pole Ann Bancroft, USA
11. First woman to chair US Central Bank ‘Federal Reserve’ Janet Yellen
12. First woman cosmonaut in space Valentina Tereshkova (USSR)
13. First woman President of UN General Assembly Vijaya Laxmi Pandit
14. First woman chief justice of High Court Leila Seth
15. First woman Minister in Government Rajkumari Amrit kaur
16. First woman Governor of a state in free India Sarojini Naidu
17. First woman Ambassador CB Muthamma
18. First woman Chief Minister of an Indian State Sucheta Kriplani
19. First woman Judge in Supreme Court Fatima Beevi
20. First woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
21. First woman to cross English Channel Aarti Saha
22. First woman chairman of Union Public Service Commission Rose Millian Bethew
23. First woman speaker of a state Assmble Shanno Devi
24. First woman Director General of Police Kanchan C Bhattacharya
25. First woman IPS Officer Kiran Bedi
26. First woman President of Indian National Congress Mrs Annie Basant
27. First woman Judge Anna Chandy
28. First woman Lawyer Cornelia Sorajbee
29. First woman to become Miss World Reita Faria
30. First woman lieutenant General Puneeta Arora
31. First woman Pilot in Indian Air Force Harita Kaur dayal
32. First woman Air Vice Marshal P Bandopadhyaya
33. First woman Chairperson of Indian Air Lines Sushma Chawla
34. First woman to receive Nobel Prize Mother Teresa
35. First woman to receive Bharat Ratna Mrs Indira Gandhi
36. First woman Airline Pilot Durga Banerjee
37. First woman to receive Jnanpith Award Ashapurna Devi
38. First woman to receive Ashoka Chakra Nirja Bhanot
39. First woman Olympic Medal winner Karnaam Malleshwari
40. First woman Asian Games Gold Medal winner Kamaljit Sandhu
41. First woman to climb Mount Everest twice Santosh Yadav

List of First in World (Other Categories)

The following list categories for first in world include many accomplishments and some of them are listed below:

S. No. First in World Names
1. First Country to print books China
2. First country to start Civil Services Competition China
3. First country to issue paper currency China
4. First country to make education compulsory Prussia
5. First country to make a constitution United States of America
6. First Space Shuttle launched Columbia
7. First Space Ship landed on Mars Viking-I (July.1976)
8. First country to host the modern Olympic games Greece
9. First country to win the World Cup Football Uruguay (1930)
10. First city to be attacked with atom bomb Hiroshima
11. First country to send human to Moon United States of America
12. The first country to host NAM Summit Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
13. First country to launch Artificial Satellite in the space Russia

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