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Gamosa, Tandur Redgram, and Ladakh apricots get GI tags from Assam

GI tags from Assam: The Assam Gamosa, the Telangana Tandur Redgram, and a Ladakh apricot variety are just a few of the items that have received the Geographical Indications (GI) label from the government. The overall number of GI has reached 432, according to a statement made on Wednesday by the ministry of business and industry.

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GI tags from Assam: Key Points

  • Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala are the top five states with the greatest number of GIs, it was said.
  • The government approved spending of Rs 75 crore for three years for GI promotion at awareness programmes, supporting the promotion of GIs.

GI Tags: Complete State-wise List of GI Tags in India

What is GI tag?

A GI is primarily a produced product (handicrafts and industrial goods), an agricultural product, or a natural product that comes from a specific geographic region. Such a name typically carries a guarantee of quality and originality, which is mostly attributed to the location of its origin.

How to register for GI tag?

  • The correct procedure for registering GI items entails the submission of an application, preliminary examination and scrutiny, show cause notice, publication in the geographical indications journal, opposition to registration, and registration.
  • Any group of individuals, producers, organisations, or authorities created by or operating under the law are eligible to apply. The applicant must converse for the interests of the producers.

Centre grants GI Tag to Bihar’s Mithila Makhana

What are the popular products with GI tags?

The well-known products that have the GI tags include Basmati rice, Darjeeling tea, Chanderi fabric, Mysore silk, Kullu shawl, Kangra tea, Thanjavur paintings, Allahabad surkha, Farrukhabad prints, Lucknow zardozi, and Kashmir walnut wood carving.

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