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Govt organizes “Dance to Decarbonize” event to generate power by dance floor

Dance to Decarbonize event: The Petroleum and Natural Gas ministry is planning a one-day event where renewable energy produced by dance will be utilized to charge electric automobiles as part of a novel effort. The “Dance to Decarbonize” event, which is a lead-up to the India Energy Week set to take place in Bengaluru in February 2022, will take place on December 23 at the National Stadium nearby India Gate in New Delhi.

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Dance to Decarbonize Event: Generating Power through dance floor

  • Through the use of dance and music, the event hopes to increase participation in the sustainability topic.
  • A cutting-edge stage will be built, and people dancing on it will generate renewable energy that will be used to power an e-autorickshaw and a sports utility vehicle.
  • It should be noted that India’s goal of attaining net-zero emissions by 2070 must be considered against the nation’s increasing energy needs, expanding economy, and preference for the implementation of responsible energy sources over revolutionary energy systems for the long term.

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Dance to Decarbonize: Mechanism

Kinetic dance floors are a notion that has been around for a long. There are devices that have a sustained output of far over 35 watts. Simply jumping or dancing on the floor produces electricity. Stepping generates unconventional energy by converting pressure energy into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy.

A dynamo and a rack and pinion are both parts of the mechanism. The pinion transforms the pressure energy generated by the dancers on the floor into mechanical energy. A ratchet mechanism, speed-conversion gears, chains, and other components transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Dance to Decarbonize Event: Attendees

Industry dignitaries, including Cabinet ministers, members of parliament, representatives from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry, foreign diplomats, executives from manufacturers of electric vehicles, CEOs and senior executives of specific industries, representatives from airlines, oil Public Sector Undertaking associates in defense, and Border Road Organization, will attend the event, which is being billed as a step towards showcasing India’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070.

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