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HPCL to set up Rs 500 cr ethanol plant in Una

HPCL to set up Rs 500 cr ethanol plant in Una:

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu announced that Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) has committed to setting up a state-of-the-art ethanol plant in Jeetpur Baheri, Una district. With an estimated cost of Rs 500 crore, this project aims to bolster the production of ethanol in the region and create numerous employment opportunities for local communities.

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Meeting to Discuss the Proposed Ethanol Plant:

Under the supervision of Chief Minister Sukhu, a high-level meeting was held to discuss the essential aspects of constructing the ethanol plant. The meeting delved into the logistics, infrastructure requirements, and the potential impact of the project on the local economy. It was decided that the plant would be established on 30 acres of land in Jeetpur Baheri, and an additional 20 acres would be allocated to support the project.

Government Support and Investment:

During the meeting, Chief Minister Sukhu expressed the Himachal Pradesh government’s enthusiasm for the initiative and announced their willingness to invest 50 percent equity in the project. The state government also assured full cooperation to HPCL throughout the plant’s establishment. The company, in turn, affirmed its commitment to presenting the proposal to its Board of Directors for further deliberation and approval.

Land Acquisition and Infrastructure Development:

To expedite the project, Chief Minister Sukhu directed the district administration to initiate land acquisition for an approach road from Bhanjal within the next 10 days. This approach road is crucial to ensuring smooth transportation and removing potential obstacles during the construction phase. By facilitating easy access to the plant, it will enhance operational efficiency and enable seamless distribution of the ethanol produced.

Boosting Local Economy and Employment Opportunities:

Chief Minister Sukhu emphasized the positive impact the ethanol plant would have on the local economy. The establishment of the plant is expected to create both direct and indirect employment opportunities for the residents of Una district and nearby areas such as Kangra, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, and even neighboring districts in Punjab. The project will not only generate jobs but also open avenues for self-employment, particularly for local farmers.

Grain-Based Ethanol Production:

The proposed ethanol plant will focus on the production of grain-based ethanol, utilizing locally sourced raw materials. This approach will not only promote sustainable agricultural practices but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating environmental concerns. The plant’s operations are anticipated to support the government’s larger vision of achieving energy independence and fostering a greener future.

Anticipated Benefits and Conclusion:

The HPCL-led ethanol plant in Una district holds the potential to revolutionize the region’s ethanol industry, catering to the increasing demand for renewable fuels. By leveraging the state government’s support and investment, the project aims to stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and empower local communities. As the proposal advances through the necessary approvals and implementation phases, it is expected to bring about a positive transformation in the energy landscape of Himachal Pradesh.

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