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IIT Bombay and IMD signed MOU to develop user-friendly weather forecasting app

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay) has partnered with the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ India Meteorological Department (IMD) to develop climate solutions for stakeholders at the village, city, and district levels. The partnership will aid the institute in the development of sensors and drone-based smart monitoring systems, climate-smart agriculture technology for water and food security, intelligent and automated early warning systems, climate and health, smart power grid management, wind energy forecasting, and heat wave forecasting.

Key Points:

  • IIT Bombay is intending to build a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Climate Services and Solutions within the Interdisciplinary Program in Climate Studies (IDPCS), given the country’s ambitious goal of reaching net zero by 2070.
  • IDPCS at IIT Bombay was established in 2012 and has finished its 10-year journey with considerable financial backing from the Department of Science and Technology.”
  • IIT Bombay’s IDPCS is a fantastic effort that is critical for climate science research. Science is interdisciplinary in nature, involving mathematics, engineering solutions, and social sciences, among other disciplines, all of which are necessary to comprehend climate studies.
  • IIT Bombay has also established the world’s first chair professorship in climate change.
  • The first-ever chair professorship in climate studies has also been established at IIT Bombay.
  • “The Vinaya and Samir Kapoor Chair in Climate Studies was established with a generous donation from IIT Bombay alumni Ms. Vinaya Kapoor (B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, 1992) and Samir Kapoor (B. Tech., Electrical Engineering, 1992), and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed.
  • The objective of IIT Bombay is to be a thought leader in Climate Studies and to make a difference via cutting-edge research and industrial partnerships.

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