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Indian Navy and US Navy Conduct Seventh Edition of SALVEX Exercise in Kochi

The Indian Navy and the US Navy successfully concluded the seventh edition of the Indian Navy – US Navy (IN – USN) Salvage and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) exercise, SALVEX, held from June 26 to July 6, 2023, in Kochi. This joint exercise has been a regular feature since 2005, promoting collaboration and cooperation between the two navies in the fields of salvage and EOD operations.

Participating Ships:

The exercise witnessed the active participation of naval assets from both nations, including the INS Nireekshak from the Indian Navy and the USNS Salvor from the US Navy. These ships, equipped with advanced salvage and diving capabilities, played a crucial role in the exercise.

Specialist Diving and EOD Teams:

Apart from the participating ships, the exercise also brought together Specialist Diving and EOD teams from both the Indian Navy and the US Navy. These highly skilled teams shared their experiences and expertise in maritime salvage operations, fostering knowledge exchange and professional development.

Enhancing Interoperability:

SALVEX spanned over a period of 10 days, during which the diving teams from both countries engaged in joint training exercises. The primary objective of these exercises was to enhance interoperability between the two navies, facilitating seamless coordination in salvage and EOD operations. The teams practiced various facets of EOD operations on land and at sea, working together to refine their techniques and procedures.

Promoting Cohesiveness:

The exercise also served as a platform for the Indian Navy and the US Navy to strengthen cohesiveness and camaraderie among their respective units. Through collaborative training and shared experiences, the participating personnel developed a better understanding of each other’s capabilities, fostering a spirit of teamwork and mutual trust.

Mutual Learning and Best Practices:

SALVEX provided an opportunity for both navies to exchange best practices and learn from each other’s expertise in maritime salvage and EOD operations. The exercise facilitated the identification and adoption of effective techniques and methodologies, further enhancing the capabilities of both forces in dealing with salvage and explosive ordnance disposal challenges.

Here are some of the key exercises conducted between India and the United States:

  1. Malabar Exercise: The Malabar Exercise is a trilateral naval exercise involving the Indian Navy, the US Navy, and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. It aims to enhance maritime cooperation, interoperability, and mutual understanding between the three navies.

  2. Yudh Abhyas: Yudh Abhyas is an annual bilateral exercise conducted between the Indian Army and the US Army. It focuses on enhancing military cooperation, counterterrorism operations, and joint tactical exercises in a simulated battlefield environment.
  3. Cope India: Cope India is an air combat exercise conducted between the Indian Air Force and the US Air Force. It focuses on enhancing aerial combat skills, interoperability, and cooperation between the two air forces.
  4. Vajra Prahar: Vajra Prahar is a joint special forces exercise conducted between the Indian Army’s Special Forces and the US Army Special Forces. It aims to enhance counterterrorism capabilities, exchange tactics, and strengthen military-to-military relations.
  5. Red Flag: Red Flag is a multinational aerial combat training exercise hosted by the US Air Force. The Indian Air Force has participated in the exercise, which involves realistic combat scenarios, joint planning, and coordination among different air forces.
  6. Exercise Shatrujeet: Exercise Shatrujeet is a bilateral military exercise conducted between the Indian Army and the US Army. It focuses on joint training, counterinsurgency operations, and sharing best practices in warfare tactics.
  7. Exercise Yudh Abhyas: Exercise Yudh Abhyas is another bilateral exercise between the Indian Army and the US Army, which primarily focuses on joint training, counterterrorism operations, and sharing experiences in mountainous terrain warfare.

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